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Benoit & Sergio Let Me Count the Ways

Sometimes it feels as though there are two different sides to Washington, DC/Berlin-based production duo Benoit & Sergio. Sure, at a basic level there are literally two of them, but moving beyond the physical, there appears to be a concerted attempt to meld two musical halves into a cohesive whole. Nowhere has this been more obvious than with "Let Me Count the Ways," the duo's new single on Spectral Sound, which once again finds Benoit & Sergio blending clinical tech-house with a slick, European synth-pop aesthetic.… Read more »

Kiasmos/Rival Consoles 65/Milo

Three prodigies from the tech-house world surface to the top of this shiny gem from the Erased Tapes crew.… Read more »

Sis Nesrib

A few select DJs were lucky enough to have it on CDR, Ricardo Villallobos being one of them.… Read more »

Jamie Jones & Simon Baker Kaskazi

I’ve been dropping this track in every set and it’s always my biggest track of the night. It’s very different from what Simon and Jamie normally do in the studio, and together they’ve created an amazing record.… Read more »

The Sunburst Band “Fashion”

Taken from the album Moving With the Shakers, DJ Joey Negro’s Sunburst Band project unleashes its new single, a cover of David Bowie’s 1980 hit “Fashion,” which comes in both vocal and dub varieties.… Read more »

PH Edit “Don’t Let Go”

Destined to be one of the hottest re-edits of the summer, “Don’t Let Go” was originally released in 1978 by the most unlikely of disco artists, Tony “Tie A Yellow Ribbon Round the Ole Oak Tree” Orlando.… Read more »

Fratelli Riviera “Riviera’s Boogie”

Steve Kotey’s Bear Funk label has built a solid reputation for quality leftfield dance releases since its inception in 2002, and this new single is no exception.… Read more »

Jamie Lidell “Little Bit of Feel Good”

Different, but in the same vein as his previous album, Jamie Lidell manages to hit the '60s vibe, but you can still sense that it was produced in the modern day.… Read more »

Turbo Trio “T3 Make Move (Ya Body)”

Turbo Trio hails from São Paulo and blurs the line between funk carioca and Miami bass. Bnegao, Tejo, and Alexandre Basa make beats to move you and lyrics that make you think.… Read more »


Force of Nature “I-Ight”

“I-Ight” is a relentless instrumental offering, in some ways reminiscent of Gino Soccio’s 1979 classic “Dancer.” Courtesy of the Tokyo-based duo of KZA and DJ Kent (a.k.a.… Read more »


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