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Martina Topley-Bird “Baby Blue”

We have been listening to Martina since Tricky's Maxinquaye album, and she always surprises us with her songs–she's always experimenting. The Blue God is quite different from her debut LP, Quixotic.… Read more »

Clinic “Free Not Free”

I love it! The mood of the intro is completely misleading. T… Read more »

Daso and Pawas “Det”

Cologne-based Daso and Pawas assembled quite the standout title song here. Daso teams up with classically trained tabla player Pawas, moving away from the more epic Daso sound to a classic, warm hit.… Read more »

Team Robespierre “Black Rainbow” from Everything’s Perfect

Four beats per chord, four chords per phrase, four phrases for each section. All repeated mechanically. Three sections, the third almost identical to the first, with an added keyboard layer.… Read more »

Man Man “Top Drawer” from Rabbit Habits

The chorus is strangely pretty to me, made up of one big chord–even though it sounds like the guy’s saying something about hot dogs. It’s a lurching half-tempo kind of song, with carefully layered electric pianos, guitars, and marimbas.… Read more »

Dop “The Lighthouse”

Breaking down musical boxes, Dop’s quirky music videos and leftfield sound have a fresh, arty weirdness to them; they’re not copying the fads.… Read more »

Okay “Loveless” from Huggable Dust

Marty Anderson’s ideas are simple and they sound like classics right from the start. He makes a big mess out of them, either by himself or with the help of a big group of people, but they always come across so clean and so full of life.… Read more »

Agaric “The Dark Holds the Sun”

Taking a darker turn, Mikael Stavöstrand’s Sunset Discos label impresses once again with a deep, demented release by Swedish Berlin-transplant Agaric.… Read more »

Huoratron “Dollar Dollar Troopers”

On the hyped-up New Judas label comes Huoratron, a Finnish version of Boys Noize or Justice. For me, even better than the great original is the slightly more club-friendly Lars Moston and Duncan Whitely remix.… Read more »


Cadence Weapon "In Search of the Youth Crew"

I'm definitely not a fan of the four-on-the-floor disco/Justice sound, but when you have a real rapper–I mean a real good rapper who can ride it properly like Canada's Cadence Weapon–well, it changes everything and I'm down with it.… Read more »

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