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Sonar 2012

Five Minutes at Sónar with Nguzunguzu

The 2012 edition of Sónar certainly kept us busy—check our review for proof—but we did find time to sit down and chat with a couple of our favorite artists during the festival. LA duo Nguzunguzu has had a full plate in 2012, so we quizzed Daniel Pineda and Asma Maroof about their recent tour, upcoming releases for Hippos in Tanks and Fade to Mind, and the differences between Europe and the US. … Read more »

Five Minutes at Sónar with Nina Kraviz

The 2012 edition of Sónar certainly kept us busy—check our review for proof—but amidst all the activity, XLR8R did manage to convince a couple of our favorite artists to sit down for a quick chat during the festival. Nina Kraviz actually pulled double duty at Sónar, performing live on Friday night in the SonarDôme and then closing out Sonar by Night in the early hours of the next day. We spoke with her soon after, and although she was operating on little to no sleep, the Russian producer happily talked about her Sonár experiences (past and present) and her new live show. … Read more »

Sónar 2012: Winners and Losers

Fresh off a trip to Montreal for MUTEK, XLR8R hopped on another plane, this time heading all the way to Barcelona for the city's annual Sónar festival. Frankly, it's hard to take issue with anything having to do with Sónar without sounding like a jerk. Even without factoring in the picturesque setting—Barcelona is definitely one of those uniquely wonderful cities that occasionally feels too good to be true—Sónar is impressive, not only in scale, but in its commitment to progressive programming. Seriously, how many other large-scale festivals are handing over a three-hour block of prime time to Hyperdub? Spread over three days and two long nights, there was simply a massive amount of music to consume. It was impossible to see everything, and frankly, even documenting all the things we did manage to see would be a tedious exercise. As such, we've elected to break down Sónar a bit differently, tagging the festival's various highlights and lowlights as "Winners" and "Losers." Admittedly, it's all a bit crude, but hopefully, an accurate picture of the Sónar 2012 experience has been unveiled in the process. … Read more »

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