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Various Artists Fabric 32: Luke Slater

U.K. techno icon Luke Slater's DJ mix is best played softly in the car, and not while you're driving. Its eerie smoothness might induces drowsiness, no matter how loud the house and minimal techno beats smack your face.… Read more »

Various Artists EV Records Presents: Everything

Everything is more than a mere label compilation.… Read more »

Various Artists The Topography of Chance

In homage to the Fluxus artist Emmet Williams' book, An Anecdoted Topography of Chance, British curator Stewart Lee handpicked these fine, cross-genre gems to highlight works that might represent chance operations (a favorite of John Cage's).… Read more »

Various Artists Imagine the Shapes

Over the past year, What's Your Rupture has emerged as the little indie label that could-and kept could-ing. Clawing with the big boys and signing impeccably cool band after impeccably cool band, WYR has put together a glistening roster.… Read more »

Yoko Ono Yes I'm a Witch

The former Mrs. Lennon is still completely bizarre, but that's always been a good thing.… Read more »

Various Artists Chem087cd+dvd

When Glasgow band The Delgados started Chemikal Underground 11 years ago to release their single "Monica Webster" b/w "Brand New Car," they likely didn't think that it would go on to influence the next generation of Brit-pop kings and queens.… Read more »

Various Artists Wired Ones

Over the past few years, a bustling, early-'90s female electro revival has emerged from the underground school of Peaches and Le Tigre. Wired Ones represents the most recent graduates from this once exclusive scene.… Read more »

Thunderball Cinescope

DC's Thunderball rolls out their third offering, harvesting from spy cinema, Vegas, Brazil, funk, and dub, and treating listeners to collabos with Afrika Bambaataa and See-I's Roots and Zeebo.… Read more »

Various Four Tet: Remixes

Aside from flexing the automated muscle of one Kieran Hebden, Remixes is an absolutely monstrous collection of songs-a 24-track compendium of Four Tet-related remixes laid out over two discs; one for Hebden's own work, and another for artists givi… Read more »

Various Morrow Choral Orchestra

Android drums bounce, flutter, and dissipate; fragmented clicks swirl and somber synths echo in galactic expanses.… Read more »

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