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Various The DFA Remixes: Chapter 2

The rise of James Murphy and Tim Goldsworthy-the production team known as The DFA-didn't happen overnight. Rather, it moved in increments, one hipster dance party and disco edit at a time.… Read more »

Various Mo'horizons: Stereo 150

Jumping from Volume 2 to 150 (to celebrate their sizable discography), Stereo Deluxe commissioned Ralf Droesemeyer and Foh Wetzler to survey and mix away their back catalog.… Read more »

Various Four Tet: Remixes

Aside from flexing the automated muscle of one Kieran Hebden, Remixes is an absolutely monstrous collection of songs-a 24-track compendium of Four Tet-related remixes laid out over two discs; one for Hebden's own work, and another for artists givi… Read more »

Various Morrow Choral Orchestra

Android drums bounce, flutter, and dissipate; fragmented clicks swirl and somber synths echo in galactic expanses.… Read more »

Various Ryuichi Sakamoto: Bricolages

Having won critical acclaim with his last release, Chasm, Ryuichi Sakamoto has upped the ante by passing along the material to 13 remixers from across the electronic-music spectrum.… Read more »

Various Rhythm & Sound: See Mi Yah Remixes

For this outing, Rhythm & Sound (German producers Mark Ernestus and Moritz von Oswald) invites a cadre of free-spirited techno heavyweights to rework assorted Jamaican vocal tracks.… Read more »

Various Belly of the Whale

While Belly of the Whale provides some interesting manipulations and solid programming from the likes of Kim Cascone, Scanner, and Yannick Dauby, too much of the content either employs its exotic, spiny lobster- and orca samples as a pointless back… Read more »

Darkel Darkel

Forget The Wizard of Oz. "Be My Friend," the first track on… Read more »

Love Trio in Dub feat. U-Roy Love Trio in Dub feat. U-Roy

U-Roy's inherent sense of rhythmic playfulness and dub-scat lyrics aren‘t just the centerpiece of Love Trio's album, but the very genesis of it: Ilhan Ersahin heard U-Roy, the dub riddim-rider champion and unquestioned king of DJs, as a child, a… Read more »

Various Kammerflimmer Kollektief Remixed

Germany's Kammerflimmer Kollektief aren't post-rockists; they're the second coming of Kraut rock in the style of Neu!… Read more »

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