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Various Artists Too Hot for Solid Steel

Is Too Hot For Solid Steel the ultimate mash-up, or the ultimate DJ-culture political statement? It would be easy to argue both points, but there's something much more gleeful going on here. … Read more »

Jason Lescalleet Mattresslessness

This first full-length from New Englander Jason Lescalleet is a stunning example of sonic shapeshifting. All but one track on this excellent disc is ostensibly an homage to a pair of artists.… Read more »

Swimmingpool Anything That Doesn't Move

Centered on the concept of each artist pouring their ideas into one "pool," Michael Scheibenreiter (one-half of d&b duo Phoneheads) and Stefan Schwander (a.k.a.… Read more »

Electric Company It's Hard to Be a Baby

The words "Tigerbeat6" and "mature" rarely find themselves in close proximity. And though there's plenty of wit, whimsy and DSP-fuckery to be found on It's Hard To Be A Baby, Brad Laner seems to suggest they aren't mutually exclusive concepts.… Read more »

Various Artists Breakbeat Science Exercise.01 (Mixed by DJ Dara)

The overwhelming feeling of the first compilation from the Breakbeat Science imprint-which accompanies the store of the same name-is linearity.… Read more »

Cex Being Ridden

Rjyan Kidwell makes me feel mad old. He's barely into his twenties, and Being Ridden is the fourth full-length he's dropped under the Cex name in as many years.… Read more »

Ollo Sleeper

I have one party trick: I'm good at picking up dialects. Not your obvious Cockneys or Alabama twangs-I'm also good at musical dialects. Or so I thought until I heard the Swedish band, Ollo, two DJ production partners named Alex and Lars.… Read more »

Various Artists Universal Funk: Re:Done

Nine of Europe's future-jazz luminaries get to grips with Universal Funk's debut. Instead of releasing a remix album with a dozen (often pointless) re-takes of three or four prime cuts, April have chosen each artist to remold a single track.… Read more »

Tosca Dehli 9

Tosca (Viennese producers Rupert Huber and Richard Dorfmeister) have been inducing quality buzzes in downtempo fans since their 1997 debut, Opera.… Read more »

Various Artists Pharoah Lounge

Massive Attack's latest is awash with it. Yahoo has a list-serve devoted to a hip-hop faction of it. The Bush administration is employing mass detentions and forced registration to rid our county of it.… Read more »

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