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Visual Art

Michelle Blade: California Uber Alles

The Utopian-minded artist brings her paintings to life. Literally. … Read more »

Andrew Jeffrey Wright

Space 1026 co-founder, Andrew Jeffrey Wright, is a poop joke savant. … Read more »

Brian McCarty Plays God

Inspiration for Brian McCarty's photos begin where toy makers leave off. … Read more »

Channeling the Cosmos with JK5

In the second of our three-part series focusing on visual artists featured in XL… Read more »

Damien Correll Is No Square

As part of a three part series focusing on visual artists featured in XLR8R's Vi… Read more »

Secret Spaces: The Bus

In another spotlight on unusual music venues, XLR8R TV introduces you to John Be… Read more »

Chris Duncan's Little Things

Oakland, California-based artist Chris Duncan doesn't have to look far for inspi… Read more »

Hamburger Eyes Likes It Raw

Over the past seven years, Hamburger Eyes has been publishing the freshest photo… Read more »

Are you ready for Planningtorock?

Berlin-based Brit Janine Rostron is the one-woman performer and video artist beh… Read more »

Matt Furie's Big Adventure

Artist Matt Furie goes through his morning routine, shows us around his room, gi… Read more »

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