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Visual Art

Secret Spaces: Silent Barn

In the first of a series on DIY music venues, XLR8R TV takes you on a tour of th… Read more »

Richard Colman

The emerging visual artist takes XLR8R on a tour through his private, mythologic… Read more »

Maya Hayuk

As she sets up for her most recent show, Maya Hayuk tells XLR8R that everything … Read more »

Casiotone for the Painfully Alone

Matthew Curry, better known as Safety Scissors, turns the karaoke mic over to Ow… Read more »


XLR8R TV's Andrew Smith heads deep into the psychedelic world of S.F.-based visu… Read more »


Vivian Host gets a lesson in needlepoint by Detroit's master dance punks, Adam L… Read more »

In the Studio: Pole

In part two of our series on Recombinant Media Labs, XLR8R Technology Editor Ken… Read more »

In the Studio: Asphodel and Recombinant Media Labs

In part one of a series, XLR8R Technology editor Ken Taylor takes you on a tour … Read more »

Psychedelic Videos

This episode features XLR8R staff mascot Rab the Rave Bunny as a very disturbing… Read more »

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