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Jeremy Fish: Wild Things

Jeremy Fish inhabits a world of rats shaped like grenades, trees with breasts an… Read more »

Yoni Wolf's Favorite Things

Anticon's psychedelics bandleader, Yoni Wolf, talks about a few of his favorite … Read more »

Danny the Wildchild & Phantom 45

Phantom 45 (Brian Sarpalius) and Danny The Wildchild (Daniel Garcia) are both in… Read more »

DJ Funk: Pump It, Work It

Before ghetto tech and Lil' Jon and juke, there was ghetto house.… Read more »

Pit Er Pat: Magic and Mystery

Pit Er Pat's music achieves a strange kind of alchemy.… Read more »

Andrew Pommier: Figurative Fantasies

Andrew Pommier likes to draw bunnies, sparrows, and people wearing animal heads.… Read more »

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