XLR8R http://www.xlr8r.com Accelerating music & culture Fri, 06 Feb 2015 19:51:52 +0000 en-US hourly 1 http://wordpress.org/?v=4.0 Deadboy Reveals Upcoming Single for Crazylegs http://www.xlr8r.com/news/2015/02/deadboy-reveals-upcoming-single-for-crazylegs/ http://www.xlr8r.com/news/2015/02/deadboy-reveals-upcoming-single-for-crazylegs/#comments Fri, 06 Feb 2015 19:25:53 +0000 http://www.xlr8r.com/?p=86340 After recently sharing a free EP of edits via his SoundCloud, London producer Deadboy gas revealed plans to deliver his first official release of the year later this month in the form of the "It Did Not Feel Right" single. Set to arrive via Bristol outpost Crazylegs, the single follows behind last year's Return EP for Numbers and is said to take shape as a "shimmering new-age vocal cut," with thick chords and sparse percussion serving as the bed to a series of re-pitched R&B vocals. Set to drop on February 16, the artwork for Deadboy's forthcoming digital single has been included below.

1. It Did Not Feel Right

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Software Readies Debut EP from Tairiq & Garfield; Hear a Track Now http://www.xlr8r.com/news/2015/02/software-readies-debut-ep-from-tairiq-garfield/ http://www.xlr8r.com/news/2015/02/software-readies-debut-ep-from-tairiq-garfield/#comments Fri, 06 Feb 2015 18:41:42 +0000 http://www.xlr8r.com/?p=86302 Oneohtrix Point Never's Software label has announced plans to issue the debut EP from Tairiq & Garfield, Childhood Swing. Twins born and raised in Pasadena, California, Tairiq & Garfield make up two-thirds of the Renaissance Music Group production crew alongside Software labelmate Napolian. The twins come from a very musical background, with their father being a founding member of the R&B group Shai, and their mother forermly a rapper on Eazy-E's Ruthless Records imprint. The two look to have taken full advantage of their studio-bound early years, forging a textured cyberfunk sound that in some ways echoes the likes of Egyptian Lover, Legowelt, and Drexciya, and that has earned the pair an imminent release on Software.

Childhood Swing will officially drop on February 23. Before then, Australian producer/visual artist Dro Carey has put together a memorable clip for EP Cut "Hood Low," which can be watched in full below, where we have also included the artwork and tracklist for Tairiq & Garfield's forthcoming Software debut.

2. The Treatment
3. Talking II
4. Swept Over The Rug
5. By The Bay
6. Childhood Swing

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DJ Haus Drops a New Video for "Acid Bleep" http://www.xlr8r.com/news/2015/02/dj-haus-drops-a-new-video-for-acid-bleep/ http://www.xlr8r.com/news/2015/02/dj-haus-drops-a-new-video-for-acid-bleep/#comments Fri, 06 Feb 2015 18:04:27 +0000 http://www.xlr8r.com/?p=86306 Unknown to the Unknown/Hot Haus label boss DJ Haus recently added to his prolific run with the Helta Skelta EP for Clone Jack For Daze. Now, EP cut "Acid Bleep" has received a video treatment. The production's title really tells us all we need to know about the effort, while Sabrina Ratte's vivid, shape-shifting clip goes on to make for the perfect visual accompaniment, as one can see below.

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Mite "Horn Anthem" http://www.xlr8r.com/mp3/2015/02/mite-horn-anthem/ http://www.xlr8r.com/mp3/2015/02/mite-horn-anthem/#comments Fri, 06 Feb 2015 17:44:42 +0000 http://www.xlr8r.com/?p=86296 Atlanta-based producer and co-founder of the Embassy label (alongside Distal), Mite will soon drop his Locker Code EP via the imprint. A five-track endeavor which nimbly dissects the worlds of bass-fueled beatwork, techno, and grime, Locker Code will include the half-time roll of "Horn Anthem" in its run. Built atop booming kicks, snapping snares and rims, and a steady stream of off-kilter hats, the appropriately titled track goes on to drape a series of punchy horn lines (or at least synths that sound a lot like horns) and glowing synthwork atop the track's 808-made frame. Mite (whose "Cemetery Seance" production is set to appear early on in Mumdance's upcoming Fabric mix) will drop his Locker Code EP via Embassy later this month; in the meantime, "Horn Anthem" can be downloaded below, where a preview stream of Mite's upcoming record has also been included.

Horn Anthem

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Listen to Nathan Fake's New EP for Cambria Instruments http://www.xlr8r.com/news/2015/02/listen-to-nathan-fakes-new-ep-for-cambria-instruments/ http://www.xlr8r.com/news/2015/02/listen-to-nathan-fakes-new-ep-for-cambria-instruments/#comments Fri, 06 Feb 2015 16:48:23 +0000 http://www.xlr8r.com/?p=86310 Having inaugurated their Cambia Instruments label last summer with the collaborative Black Drift EP, Nathan Fake and Wesley Matsell's new imprint has now turned loose its second release: the five-track Glaive EP from Fake himself. As we reported when we previewed EP track "Nuuk" back in December, Glaive was reportedly made at home using the decidedly low-tech tools of "a millennium-era copy of Cubase 5 and a hardly glamorous Roland SH-09."

Expanding on the point, Fake explains, "I've always been totally turned off by the idea of owning expensive/high-end equipment, I just want to go on stage with a Dell laptop running Windows 95." The results of the no-frills approach used on Glaive (which is out now) can be heard using the player below.

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Youandewan Spiral Arms EP http://www.xlr8r.com/reviews/2015/02/youandewan-spiral-arms-ep/ http://www.xlr8r.com/reviews/2015/02/youandewan-spiral-arms-ep/#comments Fri, 06 Feb 2015 15:00:54 +0000 http://www.xlr8r.com/?p=86194 Ever since he relocated to Berlin a year or so ago, something has been changing in the music that Youandewan (a.k.a. Ewan Smith) both makes and plays. The early years of the Englishman's career saw him roaming around in the nether regions of cuddly, humid deep house, a place where rueful pads and insular rhythms always bubbled below the surface without ever boiling over. There was a shyness and loneliness to his output that made it perfect for warm up-sets or cozy back rooms, but at the same time, his music's low-key nature has led to Smith largely remaining underneath the radar, especially when compared to Aus and Hypercolour labelmates like Bicep or Huxley.

Yet on Spiral Arms, Youandewan's latest record for Aus Music, he seems to come out of his shell. In the same way that his recent DJ sets have suggested a newfound passion for darker, harder-hitting sounds, his productions here are also a touch more menacing and pronounced. Actually, the first track, "Stak Poly Looms," sounds like Smith shaking off the last vestiges of his mopey old self once and for all—it's a warm house track with pumping, punchy kick drums, airy cymbals, and smeared chords, the whole thing topped off by a delightfully light-footed and spiritually uplifting female coo. The mood shifts dramatically on "Isabel," however, as the track sounds less inspired by a sunny day in the park than a somber walk through Berlin's deserted streets late at night. Relying upon the same sort of shadowy dungeon darkness one might find in a Joey Anderson or Levon Vincent track, it's a slithering, horizontal bit of icy and zoned out-house where poignant chord progressions offset a much more gritty and dirty bassline riff. Analog, atmospheric, and grainy, it's Youandewan's most spare, but most accomplished, cut to date.

"Fool Be Cool" sits somewhere between the two, its golden chords intermingling with an ephemeral bit of soulful female ad libbing atop a squelchy and degraded acid line. It's the sort of beautifully haunting track that swirls about in the listener's brain for ages after hearing it, but it's also sure to take care of business on the dancefloor, thanks to the renewed bite of Smith's drums. Remixing the song is Dixon Avenue Basement Jams, Clone, and Houndstooth affiliate Marquis Hawkes, whose no-nonsense rework offers crisp hits, barreling rubber kicks, and sweaty ghetto vibes. High impact and irresistibly rough and ready, it rounds out one of Aus Music's most excellent recent EPs.

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Premiere: Stream the Title Track from Jon Convex's Upcoming Anger Levels EP http://www.xlr8r.com/news/2015/02/premiere-stream-the-title-track-from-jon-convexs-upcoming-anger-levels-ep/ http://www.xlr8r.com/news/2015/02/premiere-stream-the-title-track-from-jon-convexs-upcoming-anger-levels-ep/#comments Fri, 06 Feb 2015 14:30:15 +0000 http://www.xlr8r.com/?p=86289 As we reported earlier this week, time-tested UK artist Jon Convex will soon release his Anger Levels EP via the Boysnoize Records label. Now, ahead of the four-track record's arrival, we have gotten our hands on a full stream of the effort's charging title track.

A strong-armed endeavor, Convex's experience as a fearless bass manipulator (both as a solo artist and as half of the Instra:mental duo alongside Boddika) shows here, as he takes his time to build a fortified rhythmic base before lunging ahead with a series of bouncing acid sequences that seem to barely be contained by the track's forceful kicks and crunchy snares. The full "Anger Levels" production can be streamed below before Convex's digital EP of the same title lands on February 9 as a Beatport exclusive, and everywhere else on February 23.

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Prins Thomas Reveals Upcoming 12" for Endless Flight; Preview It Now http://www.xlr8r.com/news/2015/02/prins-thomas-reveals-upcoming-12-for-endless-flight-preview-it-now/ http://www.xlr8r.com/news/2015/02/prins-thomas-reveals-upcoming-12-for-endless-flight-preview-it-now/#comments Thu, 05 Feb 2015 21:34:44 +0000 http://www.xlr8r.com/?p=86282 After inaugurating the Rainbow Disco Club mix album series for Endless Flight last year (an effort allied with the annual Rainbow Disco Club festival in Tokyo), Norwegian disco mainstay Prins Thomas will return to the Mule Musiq sub-label next month with a new 12" of the same title. A two-track affair, the record will pair Thomas' original "Rainbow Disco Club" production with a remix from disco-loving Japanese duo Force of Nature, an outfit Thomas has supported and remixed in the past.

Set to arrive on March 2, both the original "Rainbow Disco Club" and Force of Nature's driving remix of the track can be previewed below before the upcoming 12" lands next month via Endless Flight.

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Download New Mixes from Joey Anderson and Sherwood & Pinch http://www.xlr8r.com/news/2015/02/download-new-mixes-from-joey-anderson-and-sherwood-pinch/ http://www.xlr8r.com/news/2015/02/download-new-mixes-from-joey-anderson-and-sherwood-pinch/#comments Thu, 05 Feb 2015 21:00:27 +0000 http://www.xlr8r.com/?p=86274 Amongst the slew of new mixes to hit the internet today, those from New Jersey producer/DJ Joey Anderson (pictured above) and UK pair Sherwood & Pinch (a.k.a. veteran artist Adrian Sherwood and Tectonic boss Pinch) have particularly piqued our interest.

First, Anderson has delivered a new mix for Crack Magazine's ongoing series. Spanning over 70 minutes, the set covers a wide swath of mood-streaked club music, essentially presenting a taste of what the East Coast selector is likely to do when he is at the helm of a dancefloor. Anderson's contribution to Crack's mix series can be streamed and downloaded below; no tracklist has been made available at this time.

Secondly, ahead of the impending release of their Late Night Endless LP for ON-U/Tectonic (a record which can currently be streamed in full here), Sherwood & Pinch have turned in a new mix for Mixmag. An adventurous set which incorporates more traditional and electronic dub tracks along with an array of bass music mutations, the pair's hour-long In Session mix can be streamed below and downloaded here; the set's full tracklist has also been included below.

1. Lee Perry & Adrian Sherwood "Elixir Of Life"
2. Sherwood & Pinch "Africa 138"
3. Dub Syndicate "The Show Is Coming"
4. Nurve "Clik Clak"
5. Mumdance & Logos "Chaos Engine"
6. Walton "Wrench"
7. Acre "Blue Moon"
8. Kinzy "3Style"
9. Higher Authorities "Phase Recording"
10. Dub Syndicate "Night Train"
11. RSD "Dr Woh!"
12. Illumsphere "Dreamstealin'"
13. 2562 "Vibedoctor"
14. Disrupt "Secret Laboratory (Lee Perry/Disrupt Unreleased Remix)"
15. Adrian Sherwood w/ Little Roy "A Piece of the Earth"
16. Kode 9 & Spaceape "Abeng"
17. Moving Ninja "Uranium"
18. Sherwood & Pinch "Wild Birds"
19. Dub Syndicate "Stoned Immaculate"
20. Los Gaiteros De San Jucinto "Truna Cumbia Bien"
21. Dub Syndicate "Hey Ho"
22. Scientist vs King Midas Sound "U Dub (Part 2)"
23. "Mind Control"
24. Adrian Sherwood ""Programme You"

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Mr. G Readies New EP Featuring a Remix from Seven Davis Jr. http://www.xlr8r.com/news/2015/02/mr-g-readies-new-ep-featuring-a-remix-from-seven-davis-jr/ http://www.xlr8r.com/news/2015/02/mr-g-readies-new-ep-featuring-a-remix-from-seven-davis-jr/#comments Thu, 05 Feb 2015 20:09:59 +0000 http://www.xlr8r.com/?p=86253 Longstanding London producer/DJ Mr. G will next land on Bristol's Just Jack label with the four-track Resonate EP. Following closely behind the artist's solid Personal Momentz LP (which dropped in November of last year), the upcoming effort is said to focus on "late night rawness designed for the dancefloor," and furthermore, was originally mastered to tape before being pressed to vinyl in order to give the tracks "that extra bit of juice." Resonate will also be closed out by a remix from in-demand LA vocalist/producer Seven Davis Jr., who himself has an upcoming 12" for Ninja Tune on the way.

Planned for a vinyl-only release, Mr. G's Resonate EP will drop on March 7; in the meantime the forthcoming record's artwork and tracklist have been included below.

A1. TT Rum Bar
A2. What They Think
B1. Yo...
B2. TT Rum Bar (Seven Davis Jr. Remix)

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Time No Place to Release Debut LP from Pazes http://www.xlr8r.com/news/2015/02/time-no-place-to-release-debut-lp-from-pazes/ http://www.xlr8r.com/news/2015/02/time-no-place-to-release-debut-lp-from-pazes/#comments Thu, 05 Feb 2015 19:32:39 +0000 http://www.xlr8r.com/?p=86098 Los Angeles label Time No Place has revealed plans to issue the debut LP from Pazes, a Brazilian-born producer who currently resides in Berlin (the artist has also appeared in our Downloads section on numerable occasions in the past). Hosting 11 tracks, Pazes' Induced LP is said to "curiously exude an uncommon sense of mystery and melancholy," with its productions incorporating elements of "menacing starkness, wistful ambience, creeping bass groans, and the exploration of textures ranging from almost-weightless to gritty."

Serving as out first taste of Induced is "Remnants," a sinking effort which features airy layers of rising vocalist Andrea Balency in its run. Set to close out Pazes' debut LP when it lands on April 27, "Remnants" can be streamed in full below, where the complete tracklist for Induced has also been included.

1. Be Told
2. Poltergeist
3. Left & Right
4. Sion (feat. Biblo)
5. Wall Five
6. Astir
7. Everyone One (feat. Biblo)
8. Grace
9. Induced
10. Guest
11. Remnants (feat. Andrea Balency)

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Citymouth "Glowscraps (feat. Gumar)" http://www.xlr8r.com/mp3/2015/02/citymouth-glowscraps-feat-gumar/ http://www.xlr8r.com/mp3/2015/02/citymouth-glowscraps-feat-gumar/#comments Thu, 05 Feb 2015 18:38:45 +0000 http://www.xlr8r.com/?p=86203 Portland's Dropping Gems label/collective will kick off its 2015 run with the Astrocentric LP from Citymouth, a core member of the Pacific Northwest crew who has appeared on many of the imprint's well-received Gem Drops compilations. Said to have been recorded over the past several years, Citymouth's upcoming album is stacked with features from fellow beatmakers, with the likes of Stones Throw affiliate MNDSGN, DJAO (who released his debut LP via Dropping Gems last year), yuk., and Ages all making appearances on the record. Ahead of Astrocentric's release next month, Citymouth has elected to give away LP cut "Glowscraps," which features Portland's Gumar, a producer who helped found Dropping Gems in its earliest stages and has also been known to make tracks under the names Break Mode and IBQT. Together, the two craftsman piece together a woozy excursion, one that begins amidst clouds of swirling chords before pieces of slightly broken percussion and sweetly plucked bass break through the fog. "Glowscraps" can be downloaded in full below where the artwork and tracklist for Citymouth's upcoming LP have also been included; Astrocentric officially drops on March 3.

1. Singlecycles (feat. People's Palms)
2 Neighborhoodcults (feat. Bone Rock)
3 Glowscraps (feat. Gumar)
4 Circuits Circuits
5 Searchesbirches (feat. Mndsgn)
6 At the Gemplex Live (feat. yuk. & DJAO) (Cassette Only)
7 How2hoodryte (feat. Bone Rock)
8 Holodecker (Brownbear Rmx)
9 Reshine for Devonwho (feat. Teeko)
10 A D Werk for yuk. (feat. Rap Class)
11 Teenagebownzen
12. Broke Jam Live (feat. Bone Rock) (Cassette Only)
13. Michael's Bounce (feat. Ages) (Cassette Only)

Glowscraps (feat. Gumar)

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Preview Lawrence's Upcoming Manhattan EP for Smallville http://www.xlr8r.com/news/2015/02/preview-lawrences-upcoming-manhattan-ep-for-smallville/ http://www.xlr8r.com/news/2015/02/preview-lawrences-upcoming-manhattan-ep-for-smallville/#comments Thu, 05 Feb 2015 17:13:09 +0000 http://www.xlr8r.com/?p=86242 Hamburg-based producer (and force behind many reputable labels) Peter M. Kersten will release a new EP as Lawrence via his own Smallville imprint next month. Titled Manhattan, the record appears to find Lawrence continuing to trade in the crisp and focused strain of house-meets-techno-meets-ambient productions with which he has built up his following over the years. While no exact release date has been set for Manhattan, the record is set to arrive sometime in March. In the meantime, Smallville has provided preview streams of all three EP tracks, which can be heard below.

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Tom Demac Preps New EP for Aus http://www.xlr8r.com/news/2015/02/tom-demac-preps-new-ep-for-aus/ http://www.xlr8r.com/news/2015/02/tom-demac-preps-new-ep-for-aus/#comments Thu, 05 Feb 2015 16:58:29 +0000 http://www.xlr8r.com/?p=86240 Tom Demac will reappear on Aus next month with the Smoke Stained Ivories EP. Demac is no stranger to Will Saul's ever-active label; in addition to last year's Linda's Theme 12", his past collaborations with Glimpse and Will Samson have also seen a release via the imprint in recent years. Demac's latest solo effort is said to show off the London producer's versatility, as he employs an arsenal of hardware to create "rattling club tracks peppered with armored kicks and luminescent textures."

Smoke Stained Ivories is officially due out on March 16, and while no previews have been shared as of yet, the EP's artwork and tracklist have been included below.

1. Smoke Stained Ivories
2. Guilty Measures
3. RIP Vogel
4. Beckett's Racket

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Claude Speeed Sun Czar Temple http://www.xlr8r.com/reviews/2015/02/claude-speeed-sun-czar-temple/ http://www.xlr8r.com/reviews/2015/02/claude-speeed-sun-czar-temple/#comments Thu, 05 Feb 2015 16:00:57 +0000 http://www.xlr8r.com/?p=86071 Claude Speeed's music is something of a study in contradictions. Though he's been involved in several projects over the years, most listeners first came into contact with the Scotsman during his time as part of the band American Men, which released a drifting debut EP on Glasgow label LuckyMe (an imprint more often known for its beat-oriented offerings). In 2014, Speeed stepped out on his own, returning to LuckyMe with a solo album largely made of similarly shifting textures. Now, he's followed it up with a new 12" for Planet Mu, Sun Czar Temple. It's a short but sweet listen that, like his work on LuckyMe, initially seems a bit out of step with its record label's ethos; on subsequent listens, however, the EP unfurls, and its pieces begin to fit into place.

The first track, "Traumzeuge," is the record's finest. It begins simply, with soft piano notes lurking underneath a corroded layer of digital hiss. The digital treatments give the piano an ominous feel, and it builds in intensity until it fades away altogether, revealing a gentle guitar melody with an accompanying vocal. It's the EP's most human moment, and the brief shift into post-rock after the heavyweight tenor of the first couple of minutes makes for a tender, touching contrast.

The EP's remaining four tracks feature digital soundscapes that vary in tone and character. "Dr. Liz Wilson," the second track, consists of coruscating, chirping electronics that could pass for an outtake from a recent Autechre album, in the best possible way. "Vin" is woefully short, clocking in at only 90 seconds; it presents what is perhaps the record's most soothing, comforting moment, and is something that could have gone on far longer without prompting complaints. On "Fret," the scattered and stochastic elements of "Dr. Liz Wilson" return, set against a synthesizer background that gives way to disembodied vocals. "R U Sorry?" ends the EP on a melancholy note, featuring the same digital corrosion that the record opens with.

When all is said and done, Sun Czar Temple offers up one fantastic standout composition and a series of secondary pieces that, while compelling, don't quite measure up to the caliber of the first track. Claude Speeed has a real knack for blurring the edges between digital composition and traditional rock songwriting, but there are a lot of ideas at play here, and the EP might have benefited from a sharper focus.

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Hear Brassfoot's New 12" for Apron http://www.xlr8r.com/news/2015/02/hear-brassfoots-new-12-for-apron/ http://www.xlr8r.com/news/2015/02/hear-brassfoots-new-12-for-apron/#comments Thu, 05 Feb 2015 16:00:10 +0000 http://www.xlr8r.com/?p=86233 Funkineven's Apron label—which XLR8R ranked among 2014's strongest imprints—has rolled out a 12" from Brassfoot as its first issue of the new year. The London producer's four-track Apron EP follows from a split 12" with Lord Tusk released last May, and marks his first proper solo outing. Largely dealing in hardware-driven, Chicago-inspired acid, Apron is out now and the first three tracks (B-side cut "Senzo Nome" excluded) can be streamed in full below.

A1 Quad by Quad
A2 Sepentinas Lust
B1 Dogenzaka
B2 Senzo Nome

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20 Questions: Nina Kraviz http://www.xlr8r.com/features/2015/02/20-questions-nina-kraviz/ http://www.xlr8r.com/features/2015/02/20-questions-nina-kraviz/#comments Thu, 05 Feb 2015 15:00:56 +0000 http://www.xlr8r.com/?p=86209 At this point, the Nina Kraviz story is well known to just about anyone who's been paying even a modicum of attention to dance music over the past few years. Born in Siberia and trained as a dentist, Kraviz worked her way into the electronic music circuit and eventually became one of the world's most recognizable DJs. She's prompted plenty of conversation (some might say controversy) along the way, but most of the recent chatter has been squarely focused on her music, namely her excellent recent entry in the esteemed DJ-Kicks mix series. In hopes of unearthing a few new facts about Kraviz, we asked the Russian artist to withstand a barrage of queries for the latest edition of 20 Questions. As it turns out, she was more than up to the task.

1. Where were you born and raised?
In Siberia, 50 miles away from the deepest lake in the world.

2. Where do you now call home and how do you like it?
Berlin. I love it.

3. Who or what do you miss most when you are on the road, and why?
I miss the routine of my everyday life, martial arts and German classes.

4. What is the hardest thing you have learned since becoming a full-time artist?
To stay awake when I should have been in bed a long time ago.


5. You post lots of pictures of you doing stuff while on tour. Do you stay extra long in places to do tourist things? Or do you just force yourself to go out when you might rather sleep?
My job is the perfect chance to explore new countries and integrate into different cultures. I am very curious and excited to meet new people, enjoy local food, and learn the basics of their language. I find this experience truly inspiring.

6. What is the one thing everyone gets wrong about you?
Everyone is clever enough and gets it right about me.

7. What was the last thing that made you really laugh and why?
My boyfriend's refusal to marry me. It's hilarious.

8. What was the last book you read?
Hiromi Shinya's The Enzyme Factor.

9. You have a clear affinity for acid. Why is that and can you describe what it does to you when you hear it?
It just feels right. Every time I listen to it, it's like aliens have landed and are talking to me.

10. When writing music, do you always start with a specific idea, or do you just experiment until you find something you like?
It comes across in a very unpredictable, spontaneous way, with my inspiration as a central point. Normally I feel like my muse comes to me, then I connect everything quickly, hit the "record" button, and start fooling around with a melody or an idea in my head. Then my synth will suddenly do something crazy and I deviate into a totally different direction. In the end, out of an hour of live recording, I only leave the best mistakes, authentic-sounding sporadic moments in between wonky harmonies that sound the most interesting.


11. Tell us about the new label, трип, and why you have decided to start one now. What is the main reason for starting one up?
I have reached the point where I have developed a certain musical sense and I didn't see a place where this kind of sound would be presented in a proper way. So I thought it was time for me to create an independent platform where this aesthetic could find its home. Every трип release has a story, a trip behind it. They are not just random various artists. That's not the point. All of the music is connected and is visualized graphically and sonically according to a concrete narrative.

12. Will you release music by anyone, or must you know and have a relationship with artists before they appear on трип?
The most important thing is to find great music that will resonate with my musical vision in the sense of groove, texture, and spirit. It can be a legend or a total stranger.

13. What is the best trip—of any sort—you have ever been on?
When I played Coachella, I went to Joshua Tree park and got lost there counting cacti.

14. About the DJ Kicks—did you set out to represent yourself or a certain side of you, or did you just put together a club-style mix?
I recorded a mix inspired by some of my musical background. Psychedelic rock, dreamy '90s techno from Detroit, New York, Stockholm, and Reykjavik. Dusty house from Chicago. IDM and Italo disco. This music seems perfectly connected to me. When I was thinking about the right concept for my mix, Goldie's track ["Truth"] suddenly popped up in my memory and I realized that the murky way David Bowie's voice dilutes into the trancey atmosphere is exactly the way I feel right now. This is exactly my vibe at the moment, at home and in the club. Trippy, repetitive, going nowhere patches of words or just a voice that appears for a second and never comes back again... deviating harmonies and a very specific groove that I built in my mix around Goldie's track. There is a particular story behind it, but I wanted it to be little untold to give more space for the listener to dream their own dream inside the atmosphere I prepared.


15. For you, is the dancefloor a lonely place where you lose yourself in music or a communal place where you feel connected to everyone?
Normally, it's this magic place where I relax my mind and truly enjoy the music that opens up a certain channel. I call it reaching a state of flow. Once it happens, everything connects into a perfect voodoo sequence. The DJ, the people, and the room become one.

16. You lead a very intense life; how long do you think you can keep it up at the current rate?
I hope I can release another 10 albums before I even start to think about it...

17. Would you describe yourself as a feminist? Do you feel some sense of responsibility towards other women in the scene, or the world at large?
Every time I play music publicly, I feel responsibility for my listeners. Both women and men, yes.

18. How would you like to be remembered?
I'd rather answer this question next time...

19. Have you made any New Years resolutions?
I will compose new music, keep on developing my трип label, hopefully start a new label, assemble my own modular synthesizer, and eat fewer carrot cakes then usual.

20. What's the first thing you'll do after answering these questions?
I'm going to invite you for a cup of coffee and play you this song:

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Second Storey and Appleblim Prep Debut Album as ALSO for R&S, Stream Track http://www.xlr8r.com/news/2015/02/second-storey-and-appleblim-prep-debut-album-as-also-for-rs-stream-track/ http://www.xlr8r.com/news/2015/02/second-storey-and-appleblim-prep-debut-album-as-also-for-rs-stream-track/#comments Thu, 05 Feb 2015 14:43:54 +0000 http://www.xlr8r.com/?p=86220 ALSO—the collaborative project between Appleblim and Second Storey—is preparing to release its first full-length outing via R&S in April. The self-titled LP compiles tracks from a trio of ALSO 12"s (EP1 and EP2 are already out; EP3 arrives on March 30) and is said to build on the duo's shared affinity for "machine rhythms and sleek electronic grooves." The nine-track collection opens with IDM-influenced exclusive "Arpegmonger," before cycling through the "uptempo cyborg funk of 'Blyford Bass,' heavyweight bass of 'Dive Prophets,' bleeping synth squiggles of 'Formation,'" and more.

ALSO will see an official release on April 6, and its complete tracklist and artwork have been posted below; "Blyford Bass," meanwhile, can be heard in full here.


1. Arpegmonger
2. Dive Prophets
3. Blyford Bass
4. Raves
5. Sid's Conundrum
6. Rant Check: Parts 1 & 2
7. Ashford Swaiths
8. Formation
9. PGs

http://www.xlr8r.com/news/2015/02/second-storey-and-appleblim-prep-debut-album-as-also-for-rs-stream-track/feed/ 0
Sau Poler & Pedro Vian "Paral.lel" http://www.xlr8r.com/mp3/2015/02/sau-poler-pedro-vian-paral-lel/ http://www.xlr8r.com/mp3/2015/02/sau-poler-pedro-vian-paral-lel/#comments Thu, 05 Feb 2015 14:00:44 +0000 http://www.xlr8r.com/?p=86199 Two Spanish producers with their fair share of contributions to our Downloads section, Sau Poler (pictured above) and Pedro Vian have combined forces on "Paral.lel," a dusty dancefloor excursion. Spanning just over five minutes, "Paral.lel" first assembles a chugging rhythmic base, which is slowly joined by woozy chords and the pluck of off-kilter strings. From there, Poler and Vian weave bits of glass-like percussion, tasteful vocal chops, and—eventually—some cyclical string pads into the mix, resulting in a deceivingly calming dancefloor endeavor, one which makes it easy to conclude that the Barcelona-based artists clearly work well together.


http://www.xlr8r.com/mp3/2015/02/sau-poler-pedro-vian-paral-lel/feed/ 0
Preview Mumdance and Logos' Upcoming Album on Tectonic http://www.xlr8r.com/news/2015/02/preview-mumdance-and-logos-upcoming-album-on-tectonic/ http://www.xlr8r.com/news/2015/02/preview-mumdance-and-logos-upcoming-album-on-tectonic/#comments Thu, 05 Feb 2015 13:18:12 +0000 http://www.xlr8r.com/?p=86223 Earlier this month, Mumdance and Logos announced that a collaborative album was in the works for Pinch's Tectonic label. Entitled Proto, the effort won't see an official release until later this month, but clips for all ten of its tracks can now be streamed via the label's SoundCloud.

As we previously reported, the record finds the two UK producers (both affiliates of London's now-infamous grime club night Boxed) zeroing in on the "very brief sparks of innovation when new scenes were just forming and genre rules and paradigms were still grey areas," with a specific focus on "early bleep track days when imported American techno was starting to be appropriated by the UK, the 93-94 proto era when hardcore was morphing into jungle, and later when the darker sound of tech-step reared its mechanical, dystopian head."

Proto officially lands on February 16, and album previews can be heard below.

http://www.xlr8r.com/news/2015/02/preview-mumdance-and-logos-upcoming-album-on-tectonic/feed/ 1
Download dBridge's Remix of Machinedrum http://www.xlr8r.com/news/2015/02/download-dbridges-remix-of-machinedrum/ http://www.xlr8r.com/news/2015/02/download-dbridges-remix-of-machinedrum/#comments Wed, 04 Feb 2015 21:15:46 +0000 http://www.xlr8r.com/?p=86173 Originally slated to appear on a remix 12" for Machinedrum's (pictured above) 2013 Vapor City LP, a previously unreleased remix of the prolific producer's "Rise N Fall" track by drum & bass veteran dBridge has now been offered as a free download. "This is an unreleased remix of 'Rise N Fall' that dBridge made over a year ago," Machinedrum explains on his SoundCloud. "It was meant to be on a Vapor City remix 12-inch that never happened, unfortunately. Lucky you, you get it for free!"

Titled the "Fall N Rise" remix (perhaps because the track begins in swelling ambience before its full rhythmic force engages), dBridge's rework can be streamed and downloaded below. In addition, the longstanding UK producer and Exit label head's past XLR8R podcast can be revisited here.

http://www.xlr8r.com/news/2015/02/download-dbridges-remix-of-machinedrum/feed/ 0
Tri Angle Reveals Upcoming EP from Rabit; Hear a Track Now http://www.xlr8r.com/news/2015/02/tri-angle-reveals-upcoming-ep-from-rabit-hear-a-track-now/ http://www.xlr8r.com/news/2015/02/tri-angle-reveals-upcoming-ep-from-rabit-hear-a-track-now/#comments Wed, 04 Feb 2015 20:05:56 +0000 http://www.xlr8r.com/?p=86181 After announcing it would release a new EP from Janus collective member Lotic last week, the Tri Angle label has today revealed plans to issue a new EP from Houston-based beatmaker Rabit (another producer with associations to Berlin's Janus crew). The forthcoming Baptizm EP will serve as Rabit's debut on the label, and follows behind a steady output of 12"s, mixtapes, and other efforts including a feature on Keysound affiliate Logo's excellent Cold Mission LP (which landed in 2013).

Set to feature four grinding, mechanical grime hybrids, Rabit's Baptizm EP will see its official release on March 17. For now, the record's release is preceded by a full stream of EP cut "Bloody Eye," which can be heard via the player included below.

1. Imp
2. Bloody Eye
3. Hex
4. Straps

http://www.xlr8r.com/news/2015/02/tri-angle-reveals-upcoming-ep-from-rabit-hear-a-track-now/feed/ 0
RVNG Readies Upcoming FRKWYS Album from Robert Lowe and Ariel Kalma http://www.xlr8r.com/news/2015/02/rvng-readies-upcoming-frkwys-album-from-robert-lowe-and-ariel-kalma/ http://www.xlr8r.com/news/2015/02/rvng-readies-upcoming-frkwys-album-from-robert-lowe-and-ariel-kalma/#comments Wed, 04 Feb 2015 20:00:58 +0000 http://www.xlr8r.com/?p=86188 RVNG has announced that it will release the 12th installment in FRKWYS, the NYC label's ongoing "music, film, and event series celebrating intergenerational collaboration," with a new project from Chicago musician Robert Aiki Aubrey Lowe (who also works under the name Lichens) and seasoned French ambient artist Ariel Kalma, who has now composed meditative music for over four decades. The pair's We Know Each Other Somehow LP is said to have been recorded just outside of Mullimbimby, a remote community on the eastern Australian coast, where Lowe and Kalma created the "six extended evocations of environmental ambience and entrancing naturalism" that make up the album. To give us all a better idea of where the two artistic minds meet on the forthcoming record, RVNG has shared a full stream of "Mille Voix" a dense, meandering ambient exploration which fuses together sheets of electronic textures, vocal drones, and airy woodwinds; the meditative composition (and its accompanying video) have been included below.

Furthermore, the release of Lowe's and Kalma's FRKWYS album installment will also conicide with the release of Sunshine Soup, a feature-length "exploratory documentary based on the collaboration." Directed by visual artists/designers Misha Hollenbach and Johann Rashid, the visual piece is said to take shape as a "non-linear film... keyed to the outer-boundary music created by Lowe and Kalma." A trailer for Sunshine Soup has also been included below; both it and the Lowe's and Kalma's We Know Each Other Somehow album will see their official release via RVNG on April 13.

1. Magick Creek
2. Mille Voix
3. Gongmo Kalma Lowe
4. Strange Dreams
5. Wasp Happening
6. Miracle Mile
Palo Alter Reality (Bonus Track)
Mille Voix (Infinite Version) (Bonus Track)

http://www.xlr8r.com/news/2015/02/rvng-readies-upcoming-frkwys-album-from-robert-lowe-and-ariel-kalma/feed/ 0
Dorian Concept Preps Remix EP for Ninja Tune; Stream Tim Hecker's Contribution Now http://www.xlr8r.com/news/2015/02/dorian-concept-preps-remix-ep-for-ninja-tune-stream-tim-heckers-contribution-now/ http://www.xlr8r.com/news/2015/02/dorian-concept-preps-remix-ep-for-ninja-tune-stream-tim-heckers-contribution-now/#comments Wed, 04 Feb 2015 18:56:35 +0000 http://www.xlr8r.com/?p=86148 Austrian artist Oliver Thomas Johnson (a.k.a. Dorian Concept, pictured above) released his critically acclaimed Joined Ends LP last October on veteran London label Ninja Tune. Now, the Vienna-based producer has announced a follow-up remix EP called Joined Ends Remixes. Featuring dystopian juke artist Kuedo, ambient composer Tim Hecker, modular aficionado Nathan Fake, rootsy beatsmith/guitarist Bibio, and Numbers affiliate Redinho, the record's five remixes are said to "cover both the experimental and the dancefloor." Before the EP is released on April 6, Tim Hecker's feedback-driven rework of "The Sky Opposite" can be heard below, where the upcoming record's full tracklist can also be found.

1. Ann River, Mn (Kuedo Remix)
2. Draft Culture (Nathan Fake Remix)
3. The Sky Opposite (Tim Hecker Remix)
4. Ann River, Mn (Bibio Remix)
5. Clap Track 4 (Redinho Remix)

http://www.xlr8r.com/news/2015/02/dorian-concept-preps-remix-ep-for-ninja-tune-stream-tim-heckers-contribution-now/feed/ 0
Donky Pitch Releases Free Remix Compilation http://www.xlr8r.com/news/2015/02/donky-pitch-releases-free-remix-compilation/ http://www.xlr8r.com/news/2015/02/donky-pitch-releases-free-remix-compilation/#comments Wed, 04 Feb 2015 18:25:32 +0000 http://www.xlr8r.com/?p=86116 More than five years ago, vibrant UK imprint Donky Pitch began as a club night in Brighton, hosting artists from around the world and building a strong local sound in the process. Now, the label has quietly released a free remix collection on their Bandcamp page. Featuring contributions from Scottish producer Lockah, New York-based artist The Range, London affiliate Slugabed, and label newcomer Mount Bank (who will be releasing a new EP via the label in the coming weeks), Remixes is currently being offered as a name-your-price download. Like the Donky Pitch: Five collection that preceded it in October, this remix record condenses the history of Donky Pitch with previously released standouts as well as a few exclusive new efforts. The new Remixes collection can be streamed in full below and downloaded here.

http://www.xlr8r.com/news/2015/02/donky-pitch-releases-free-remix-compilation/feed/ 0