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FaltyDL: Garage Beats and Sushi Rolls

The prolific jungle obsessive and former sushi chef talks New York Garage and makes an Atlantic roll.

This year has been explosive for New York producer Drew Lustman (a.k.a. FaltyDL). He has three releases on Planet Mu and is breaking new ground with his 2-step/U.K. garage beats. Here, he explains how he learned focus and discipline while working as a sushi chef and shows you how to make an East Coast classic, the Atlantic roll.

For a more detailed Atlantic-roll making video, go here.

1 comments FaltyDL: Garage Beats and Sushi Rolls

king of the jungle (not verified) Wrote

Tue, 11/09/2010 - 13:53

just awesome, fresh fish and some fresh beats

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