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Detroit Ghetttotech

XLR8R TV's Vivian Host goes backstage at Detroit's Movement Festival to discuss the finer points of down-and-dirty booty bass beats with the 313's ghettotech hero, DJ Godfather. Along the way, she gets a ghettotech primer and learns the difference between the Detroit jit and the Chicago juke dances from some of those cities' hypest DJs.

1 comments Detroit Ghetttotech

wHoOz-E (not verified) Wrote

Fri, 10/17/2008 - 08:15

balhblah..only djs who can scratch on 150bpm?!?
what bulls**t is he speaking?? he hasnt heard ever from like dj craze?!?! goes over that and really scratches not just wankin that same sound back and forth...woooh
nice sound but too much ego or something else that is not existing.

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