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Spun Out with Heidi

Heidi is no slouch when it comes to vinyl, being one of the most active members of Berlin's lauded electro-house label Get Physical, a regular player at Berlin's famed Panorama bar, and an instrumental member in getting the Phonica Records/Fabric London scene off the ground. Here, XLR8R editor Vivian Host gets all "invisible jukebox" on this Canadian-born, London-based DJ, as Heidi discusses some of her favorite dance classics.

2 comments Spun Out with Heidi

Anonymous (not verified) Wrote

Sat, 06/21/2008 - 19:25

maurice. not maurice fulton.

xlr8r (not verified) Wrote

Mon, 06/23/2008 - 17:03

yeah, we caught that early on & fixed it. thanks though!

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