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What You Talkin' Bout, Willits? Part 7

Guitarist and electronic musician Christopher Willits continues his monthly series from SoundArts studio. In this episode, Willits and his trusty studio elf, Ryan Kleeman, show the unique way they set up mics for recording a track on Christopher's newest album.

Tune in once a month as Christopher shows us some of the ways he produces his own music, as well as the many cool things you can do with recording software. According to Christopher, "I simply want to excite people's imaginations and creative processes so they can more easily create the sounds and music and art they love."

2 comments What You Talkin' Bout, Willits? Part 7

Jeff (not verified) Wrote

Tue, 01/06/2009 - 13:22

You should do a stereo send from your multitrack when you're giving your demo's. None of your techniques can really be heard beyond what you're telling us. It's just what we're hearing from your studio speakers going into the camera's mic. So, a lot of the differences you're trying to point out are things only you can hear.

Hakim Callier (not verified) Wrote

Tue, 01/27/2009 - 22:16

Hey Christopher,

A couple things. The first is that you might want to try vintage Telefunken or Mullard tubes in your amp. The second is that you may want to listen to an ElectroVoice RE20 instead of the Sennheiser.


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