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XLR8R TV: In Space No One Can Hear You Skweee

Earlier this year, we gathered the most important players in the Sweden's skweee scene at the Stockholm office of Flogsta Danshall, to get the lowdown on just what the music is about and how it's made. On top of that, we also checked out Daniel Savio and Mrs. Qeada at Oslo's By:Larm, and peeped a performance by Rigas Den Andre and Pavan at a teen community center in Stockholm. Read more » 

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  • 10/14/2010

XLR8R TV: City Guide: Denver

Gettin' lifted in the Mile High City with Alex B.

While producer/label manager Alex B (né Botwin) might often get lumped in with Low End Theory's abstract beat cats of Los Angeles, he's a Colorado boy through and through. In this episode of XLR8R TV, he takes us for a trip through the kissing-cousin locales of Denver and Boulder to show us the region's vegetarian delights, its vinyl havens, and its other unique wonders (Mexican-restaurant jazz clubs, anyone?).


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  • 07/06/2010

XLR8R TV: City Guide: Minneapolis

Cheap lunch, good coffee, music, parks, and kittens. We love Minneapolis.

For part two of our City Guide episodes, we sent a camera to producer and longtime MPLS resident Martin Dosh. Dosh braved the mid-November chill to show us where to find lunch for under three dollars and places to make and buy music, and then offers up some potentially apocryphal local park history.


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  • 12/15/2009

XLR8R TV: City Guide: New York, San Francisco, Chicago, and LA

Four of our favorite musicians in four of our favorite cities show off their local watering holes.


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  • 11/10/2009

XLR8R TV: Duchess Says Knock You Out

Montreal's Duchess Says is known for personality-driven live shows, less so for early morning breakfast conversation. Read more » 

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  • 10/27/2009

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