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City Guide: Denver

Gettin' lifted in the Mile High City with Alex B.

While producer/label manager Alex B (né Botwin) might often get lumped in with Low End Theory's abstract beat cats of Los Angeles, he's a Colorado boy through and through. In this episode of XLR8R TV, he takes us for a trip through the kissing-cousin locales of Denver and Boulder to show us the region's vegetarian delights, its vinyl havens, and its other unique wonders (Mexican-restaurant jazz clubs, anyone?).


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  • 07/06/2010

City Guide: Philadelphia

Amish women serving ribs, broken-bottle mosaics, and bullshit sessions. Oh, Philly.

For the most recent City Guide episode, we sent a camera to Mad Decent's Philly Club prodigy, DJ Sega. Read more » 

Jonas Reinhardt Target Practice

Kranky's synth jammers point their revolvers towards the kosmische.

San Francisco's bliss-out dance rockers Jonas Reinhardt take us along for some early morning range shooting—all part of the creative process, they explain. Revolvers in hand, the band defends New Age music while pumping rounds into the ether. Read more » 

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  • Tags: Indie
  • 03/16/2010

Runaway: Fun is the Key Word

The Brooklyn wonder duo says it's all about fun and sampling.


Dutty Artz, Dutty Future

DJ /Rupture and Matt Shadetek's Dutty Artz label, blog and parties are indisputably ground zero for New York's exploding global bass scene. Here, we speak with Shadetek and longtime collaborator Jahdan Blakkamoore about the rising tide of dancehall, daggering, Latin, and tropical and what it takes to push music into the future.

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