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Maya Hayuk

As she sets up for her most recent show, Maya Hayuk tells XLR8R that everything she does -painting, photography, skateboard snowboard clothing and shoe design, even an Absolut campaign- is shaped by music and the cultural explosion we live in. Read more » 

Dubstep 101 with Youngsta

London-based DJ Youngsta schools us on one of our favorite emerging music scenes, dubstep. Youngsta explains the evolution of the genre, id's the key players and which records should be on your turntable. Read more » 

Fall Fashion Roundup

XLR8R's Roy Dank braves the Vegas fashion trade shows so you don't have to. Sneak a peek at upcoming designs from Paul Frank, 10 Deep, Upper Playground and more of our favorite designers to see what you'll be wearing in the year to come. (Hint: it won't be all-over prints.) Read more » 

How To Make A Mixtape

DJ Eleven and Matthew Africa are responsible for one of the year's best mixtapes - Dirty Raps: The Best of Too $hort. In this episode, they walk you through how they did it - from choosing songs down to preferred kbps rates for MP3s, and give a nice history of Too $hort and mixtapes themselves along the way.

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  • 08/28/2007


Drew Daniel and Martin Schmidt (a.k.a. Matmos) put San Francisco on the map as a hotspot for groundbreaking electronic music. Now, as they pack up and head for a new life in Baltimore, they reflect on the effect the Bay Area (and the dot-com boom) had on their music, and speculate on what's ahead. Read more » 

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