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No Age

You thought punk was dead? Let bands like L.A.'s No Age and art spaces like The Smell remind you why you fell in love with the genre in the first place. Randy Randall and Dean Spunt of No Age explain that the key to a good scene is a tight-knit community and fearlessness, and then prove it with a ferocious live show. Read more » 

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  • 07/10/2007


Vivian Host gets a lesson in needlepoint by Detroit's master dance punks, Adam Lee Miller and Nicola Kuperus of Adult. Nicola and Adam credit their prolific output of music, cross-stitching, video, photography, and knitted iPod cozies to their D.I.Y.W. (Do It Yourself, Wrong) ethic. All this, plus cult murderers and Rosey Grier! Read more » 

In the Studio: Black Milk

Brianna Pope invades the studio environment of Detroit's go-to hip-hop producer, Black Milk, as he takes the helm on the upcoming Sean Price and Guilty Simpson collaboration. Black talks technique, inspiration and tips while Sean Price rolls around on the floor and goofs on "rappity-rap." Both show mad respect for Beanie Sigel. Read more » 

Detroit Ghetttotech

XLR8R TV's Vivian Host goes backstage at Detroit's Movement Festival to discuss the finer points of down-and-dirty booty bass beats with the 313's ghettotech hero, DJ Godfather. Along the way, she gets a ghettotech primer and learns the difference between the Detroit jit and the Chicago juke dances from some of those cities' hypest DJs. Read more » 

On the Spot: Soul Skate '07

XLR8R TV's Brianna Pope heads to the best party at this year's Detroit Electronic Music Festival-Soul Skate '07-to get the real dirt on Detroit rollerskating. The reclusive, legendary Detroit DJ/producer Kenny Dixon, Jr. (a.k.a. Moodymann) hosted the night, which brought out not only loyal Detroit music fans, but also lifelong Motown skaters who don't mess around when it comes to serious roller parties. Rock, skate, roll, bounce! Read more » 

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