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Psychedelic Videos

This episode features XLR8R staff mascot Rab the Rave Bunny as a very disturbing music video curator. Rab's drug-addled mind chose videos from London "new ravers" The Klaxons, Brooklyn crooners TV on the Radio, and the insane Massachusetts art collective Paper Rad. Needless to say, all of Rab's choices are jam-packed with seizure-inducing visuals guaranteed to get your brain on par with his. Post-viewing chill-out room advised. Read more » 


We catch up with indie hip-hop's most hyperarticulate MC during his recent tour with Deerhoof. Busdriver, aka Regan Farquhar, may be known for searing wit and educated prose, but these days he's all about having fun and playing "for the children." In this Audiofile, recorded live at San Francisco's Great American Music Hall, the L.A. know-it-all dryly pinballs between serious and silly, a sober backstage demeanor and high-energy onstage spazzing. Read more » 

On the Spot: SXSW

Part two of XLR8R TV's South by Southwest coverage. In part one, we shoved cameras in musicians' faces to get the real dirt on the SXSW experience, now it's the festival goers turn to talk. XLR8R Creative Director Brianna Pope stalks music fans along the main SXSW arteries -- Sixth Street and Red River Road -- and finds out about skin cream, chocolate salty balls and that rock n'roll is a dirty business. Read more » 

Room Service: SXSW Hotel Cribbin'

XLR8R TV invades the hotel rooms of six artists to study their habitation patterns during what is undoubtedly the craziest, busiest week of their year - the South by Southwest music festival. Australian wordwarpers Macromantics transform their room into an acid house, indie dance rocker Panther coughs up blood and Cadence Weapon - the pride of Edmonton, Canada - invoke Steely Dan. Turntable champ A-Trak forgets his meds as club rapper Kid Sister head bangs and, um, Panthers asked for two king beds, not one, OK? Read more » 

Carl Craig

We set Detroit techno legend Carl Craig loose in San Francisco's favorite weird music destination, Aquarius Records. Known less for their techno and more for their collections of Scandinavian death metal, Bhangra Black Sabbath, and recordings of glaciers cracking, Aquarius is a playground for the musically refined. Watch as Carl listens to, and waxes poetic on, everything from 8- bit metal core to pygmy chanting to Bloc Party. Read more » 

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