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Telepathe: Curve-Learnin' and Fang-Bearin'

Telepathe masters software and addresses haters.

Melissa Livaudais and Busy Gangnes of Telepathe ponder the dust gathering on their guitars and drums, now that they've mastered Reason and Logic, and wax lovingly about Culture Club. Plus, they confront their critics—this means you, Pitchfork!!—all while scarfing down veggie burritos. Read more » 

The Juan MacLean Drops the Bomb

John (a.k.a. Juan) MacLean on how he learned to stop his indie-rock worrying and love disco.

Juan MacLean tells us how he went from beating up DJs in the '90s to actually being one in the '00s. Although MacLean's made a new career for himself out of this whole indie-dance crossover thing, he's still got a skeptical eye on the dance-punk invasion and the "de-gaying" of disco via disco edits. Plus, he shows us his Theremin and his unconventional booty shaking style of playing it. Read more » 

A Day With Poirier

Montreal's master beat-maker plays pretty for Quebec.

Musicians and artists have it good in Montreal, as we found out when we spent a day with Ghislain Poirier. Not only do 70-year-old women sip wine in cafes and nod their heads as you and Face-T play your latest murder-lyric soca jam, but the police are totally chill when you set up an illegal 1,200 person party under an overpass! Definitely worth braving -20 degree Celsius winters for. Read more » 

Tiga's All Up in tha Club (Sandwich)

The Canadian producer dishes on Soulwax, James Murphy, Gonzales, bacon, avocado, and turkey.

He may have just released Ciao!, a feat of organizing and collaborating with producers from around the world, but Tiga seems perplexed by his inability to recount a single funny story from the experience. Which is, of course, is a funny story unto itself. Read more » 

Michelle Blade: California Uber Alles

The Utopian-minded artist brings her paintings to life. Literally.

San Francisco artist Michelle Blade doesn't limit her gorgeous, large-scale visions of communal revelry to two dimensions. She carries out social experiments—group hugs, trust falls, etc—and steps back to see what unfolds. She's not a hippie, just an unapologetic Northern Californian chronicling an electric moment in history.


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