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Virginia: On A Wave Of Inspiration
The multi-talented artist reveals her intimate story leading up to her first LP on Ostgut Ton.

Fresh off the release of her first LP with Ostgut Ton and subsequent summer touring, Virginia joins André Baum over a piece of cherry pie and a few cups of coffee in the Ostgut Ton offices to delve in…

Photo Gallery and Review: Nuits Sonores
XLR8R heads to Lyon to see how Nuit Sonores fairs in its 14th edition.

Nuits Sonores has established itself as one of the premier festivals in France, giving way to multiple days of not only well-culled music, but also a platform for lectures, participatory “labs,” and i…

AMBIQ: Freedom Through Sound
The electronic-jazz trio discuss the origins and inner-workings of their improvisational collaboration.

AMBIQ is the project of Max Loderbauer (modular synth), Samuel Rohrer (drums/perc, electronics) and Claudio Puntin (clarinet, electronics). The origins can be traced back to Loderbauer’s relationship …

Shaun Soomro & Mikael Stavöstrand Echoes Of Paradise EP
Mikael Stavöstrand teams up with Lick My Deck's own Shaun Soomro to create a special EP.

Between wistful dreams and chugging determination, one finds Echoes of Paradise, the first collaborative EP released on Lick My Deck. The release presents the work of LMD’s founder Shaun Soomro and Mi…


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