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DJ Taye Still Trippin'
A significant release for DJ Taye and the footwork genre.

It’s been barely a decade since footwork emerged out of fast, rampant, often lewd, and ghetto-house and dance-battle-rooted juke. With one of its key innovators DJ Rashad gone and no new significant a…

Alva Noto & Ryuichi Sakamoto Glass
Immersive improvisation from two masters.

Alva Noto and Ryuichi Sakamoto—two senior figures in experimental music—have collaborated on six albums since 2002. Glass is a recording of their live improvisation, after just one rehearsal, at the a…

In The Studio: Rødhåd
Mike Bierbach goes deep on the processes behind his debut LP.

Rødhåd is one of the most respected DJs in the global techno scene. The native Berliner has built his reputation over years of playing immersive and dramatic sets at Berghain and around the world. Ind…

Silvia Kastel 'Air Lows'
A pleasure easily forgotten?

Air Lows is Silvia Kastel’s debut solo album. I hadn’t heard much of this Italian artist and assumed she’s fresh on the scene, but she’s been playing live and releasing records and tapes since she was…

Errorsmith 'Superlative Fatigue'
Erik Wiegand returns to Pan with a mature and sophisticated new LP.

Superlative Fatigue is Errorsmith’s first long-player in 13 years. There’s always a tension when we hear things like that. Will it be any good? He, Erik Wiegand, has certainly not been out the picture…

Levon Vincent 'For Paris'
So, does 'For Paris' create peace?

In dance music, Levon Vincent has a voice. A distinct voice through his music and his presence on social media. Since he announced his second LP For Paris with a long post in his usual, seemingly uned…

Photo Gallery and Review: HORST Festival 2017
The Belgian arts and music event delivers again in the Hageland Hills.

All photos by Maxikamera, Jeroen Verrecht, and Pommelien Koolen. Horst Arts and Music is a festival of visual arts and alternative electronic music set in the grounds of Horst castle, an hour east of …


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