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A Sagittariun Elasticity
The anonymous Bristol-based artist returns with another inspired long-player.

The music of Bristol’s A Sagittariun might evoke misty-eyed memories of the early ’90s UK dance scene, if you were there. And if you weren’t, then its relation to the era’s prime ambient and techno cu…

MMOTHS Luneworks LP
The Irishman stamps his own distinctive identity on shoegaze-influenced electronics.

The mix of electronic music with the fuzzy bliss of shoegazing is an apt one. Both are, sometimes, given over to beatific moments of transcendence. A communion with the other. Kevin Shields’ band My B…

Interview: Junior Boys Don Their Big Black Coat
Jeremy Greenspan talks about the making of the duo's new techno-tinged LP.

Hamilton, Ontario’s Jeremy Greenspan tends to give a little more than most interview subjects. As half of Junior Boys, along with Matt Didemus (who’s now based in Berlin), he’s made some of the most e…

Andrew Weatherall Convenanza
The musical all-rounder impresses with his first solo full-length since 2009.

“I appear to have got in with the wrong crowd,” murmurs a well-spoken man at the start of the new album from Andrew Weatherall, amid a backdrop of weird scrapes. The oddness of the scene is an apt met…

Monoloc Another Thing EP
The Berlin artist makes his Hotflush debut with an atmospheric and foreboding trio of tracks.

Scuba’s Hotflush Recordings has changed its spots a bit in the last few years, starting out as primarily a dubstep label, evolving into other territories as the music altered shape, and today si…

Bubblin' Up: Howes
Possesed circuits and luminous phantasms: A young modular-loving producer releases a debut LP brimming with rich, phantasmical rhythms.

It’s so easy to boot up a computer and decide you’re a musician in 2016; there’s software to make budding beatsmiths of the most sonically inexperienced. One consequence of this technology, though, is…

In the Studio: Tim Green
Take a peek into the London laboratory of the ever-upwards techno/house honcho.

London’s Tim Green occupies a curious position as a certain kind of British producer. Nowadays, the 31-year-old, originally from Aldington in Kent, makes beats of a club-crushing propensity more often…

Q&A: Roots Manuva
With a new album on Big Dada, the British MC talks production, politics, and why he's the black Mark Rothko.

There are few Brit MCs that can hold a candle to Rodney Smith. Since his 1999 debut, Brand New Second Hand, the London rapper better known as Roots Manuva has commanded the mike with a presence and au…

Four Takeaways from Portugal's Semibreve
The Braga-based boutique festival serves up a bill of cutting-edge aurals.

Boutique festivals are blooming in Europe. For every stadium-sequestering headliner event, there’s a cluster of more nuanced gatherings springing up—fests that focus less on bombast and more on refine…

Interview: LV
On the new 'Ancient Mechanisms,' Simon Williams and Will Horrocks head down the road less traveled.

“We’re constantly trying to make something as popular as Taylor Swift, and we feel we really may have nailed it with this one,” says Will Horrocks, one half of London electronic-music polymaths LV. “I…

Interview: Synkro
His new album, the atmospheric 'Changes,' marks a new chapter for the U.K. producer.

Manchester, U.K. producer Synkro (a.k.a. Joe McBride) has gone through some big changes in the last few years. If his sound was once in tune with the prevailing deeper resonances of dubstep and the fr…


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