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Review: Vintage Vault 2
Quantity over quality?

Paris-based software developer UVI recently released Vintage Vault 2, a massive update to their premier vintage synth collection that now includes 50 instruments, 111 drum machines, over 7,000 presets…

Review: TR-09
A legendary drum machine revisited.

During the late ’70s and ’80s, Roland was synonymous with innovation and quality. In the ‘golden days,’ starting at 1978 with the release of the CR8000 Compurhythm, Roland released an impr…

XLR8R Review: Phonon 4000
XLR8R judges how the younger brother of the SMB-02 stacks up.

Phonon, a relatively young Japanese hi-fi audio brand (established in 2010), is run by three audiophiles with an impressive combined resume in the field of professional audio, production, mastering an…

XLR8R Review: HEDD Type07 Studio Monitors
XLR8R takes a closer look at HEDD's versatile Type07 studio monitors.

There is a new player in the field of studio monitoring: Heinz Electrodynamic Designs, or HEDD. Klaus Heinz—a physicist known for his work in founding the highly regarded Berlin-based speaker manufact…

In the Studio: Tobi Neumann
XLR8R spends an afternoon at Riverside Studios with a staple of the German electronic scene.

Having working previously as a composer for jingles and commercials, and with numerous collaborations with artists on the front line of electronic music under his belt, Tobi Neumann makes a perfect co…

Gear Review: Rane MP2014
XLR8R test runs American audio specialists Rane's most recent two-channel, high-end rotary mixer.

Rotary mixers have been in the slipstream of the vinyl’s steady rise in popularity over the last years. The rare E&S DJR400 and MP2014’s bigger brother, the MP2015, have been appearing in DJ…

Gear Review: Eventide Harmonizer H9
Five pedals in one: XLR8R explores the versatile new multi-effects processor from Eventide.

Ever since the 1970’s, Eventide has been a name strongly associated with high quality and innovative studio effects. The known classics—namely the H910, H949,  H3000, or the more modern H8000FW multi-…

In the Studio: Milton Bradley
Marking his upcoming LP, the Berlin-based artist discusses gear, records, labels, and his main sources of inspiration.

Having been born and raised in Berlin, it’s clear that Milton Bradley’s dark and moody studio output is influenced by the city’s gloomy landscape. Over the past eight years, Bradley has become somethi…

Gear Review: Korg Minilogue
The Japanese powerhouse continues its run of affordable analog synths.

Korg continues its course of developing affordable, yet fully analog and compact devices designed for live performance and studio purposes, with the Minilogue. In line with the ultra-compact Volca ser…

Review: LANDR
XLR8R takes a look at the drag-and-drop online mastering tool.

In line with the rapid development of DIY home-studio hardware and software, making professional production tools more available to anyone with a computer, there is now the online mastering tool LANDR…


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