Seamas O'Reilly
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Borusiade Jeopardy EP
The latest from Matias Aguayo's Cómeme label is brooding, gothic…and even a bit silly.

Matias Aguayo’s consistently compelling and challenging label, Cómeme, has a knack for the off-kilter and inventive, two traits present in ample portions on Romanian producer Borusiade’s enigmatic Jeo…

South London Ordnance Tor EP
The Berlin-based Brit offers a four-track artillery blast that mixes the industrial and the hazy.

Since 2012, South London Ordnance has been cutting fine swathes of dark, no-kissing techno on labels including Hotflush, TEAL and Well Rounded. The Berlin-based Brit, who’s loathe to divulge his…

Rote EP 1
Volte-Face and Daniel Avery lay down two tracks of unfussy yet powerful techno.

EP1 is the debut EP from Rote, the new pairing formed of BleeD boss Casper Clark (a.k.a. Volte-Face) and Bournemouth trip-merchant Daniel Avery. Over four tracks (two original, two remixed), the pair’…


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