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Photo Gallery and Review: Semibreve Festival 2017
One of Europe's most exciting experimental music events delivers once again.

Germany has Berlin Atonal, Italy has Terraforma, and Portugal has Semibreve. With attractive cities such as Lisbon and Porto, the country’s bubbling arts scene is increasingly becoming a destination f…

Waveform Transmission V2.0-2.9
Rod Modell and Chris Troy return with a classy EP.

London-based ambient-experimental label Astral Industries continue on their trajectory with a lush and expansive double 12″ from Waveform Transmission. Originally a one-off collaboration between…

Photo Gallery and Review: L.E.V. Festival 2017
This event took place in Gijón from April 27 - 30.

Driving through the narrow streets of Gijón, flanked by the tall, weathered façade of this old and beautiful little town, I reminisced about my first visit exactly one year ago. I’ve developed a stran…

Five Takeaways From L.E.V. Festival 2016
XLR8R travels to Spain for the tenth anniversary of L.E.V. Festival.

L.E.V. (Laboratorio de Electrónica Visuals/Laboratory of Visual Electronics) is something of a hidden gem of a festival, located on the northern coast of Spain. For the past 10 years L.E.V. has paved …

Five Takeaways from the Final Bloc Weekender
XLR8R travels to Butlins for Bloc's last ever edition.

After starting out as a small 2,200 capacity electronic music get-together back in 2007, Bloc quickly rose through the ranks to become a key player on the international scene. The brand painted itself…

Eight Takeaways from the Bugged Out Weekender
Squelched-out acid, '90s house icons and holiday-center dystopia: The Weekender covered plenty of ground.

A couple of weeks ago, XLR8R headed to the south coast of England to attend the infamous Bugged Out Weekender. Taking place at a Butlins holiday resort in the sleepy town of Bognor Regis, the horde of…

Pact Infernal The Descent (Chapter 1) (Lucy Remixes)
The head of the Stroboscopic Artefacts label provides a pair of uncompromising rerubs.

Back in March, Pact Infernal debuted on experimental sublabel Samurai Horo with a brooding, downbeat four-tracker, The Descent (Chapter 1). It wasn’t long before Stroboscopic Artefacts label head Luca…

Q&A: Kangding Ray
XLR8R sits down with David Letellier to learn more about the concept behind his new album on Raster-Noton, 'Cory Arcane.'

There are few musicians who manage to explore the convergence between techno and experimental as successfully as David Letellier. Known as Kangding Ray, Letellier has been producing for almost a decad…


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