Check out the 100 most popular tracks to hit our downloads section this year.

As the year comes to a close, it's time to reflect on what has been a wildly diverse 12 months with our Best of 2018 coverage. First up, we look to our ever popular downloads section and collate the 100 most popular tracks downloaded this year. Crunching the numbers for this is no easy feat when you consider the dizzying amount of tracks that flow through the site. To give you an idea, XLR8R offers up at least one track—most of the time two—a day, arriving courtesy of artists and labels the world over. On any given day you can find techno, disco, ambient, classical, pop, grime, and deconstructed club cuts; a diversity represented in the sprawling list below. 

Just like last year, the top 100 downloads will be released in two lots of 50, today and Monday. In addition, once we've announced the final 50 and arrived at number one, all 100 tracks will be packaged up in one convenient zip file and offered as a download via WeTransfer.

100. Noah Pred "Rare Beast" (Moog Dub)

99. RINSED "Heartless" (Dan's Ocean Dub)

98. M.A.N.D.Y. "Tonite"

97. Concret "Closer"

96. Pig&Dan "New Era"

95. Restive Plaggona "Lovely Vale Of Tears"

94. Verraco "Don't Kill 'em All"

93. Seltron 400 "Oo"

92. Ground Tactics "Shattering Illusions"

91. Al-90 & Dx2ov "Vechnaya Bol"

90. Sinistarr "Corruption"

89. Simon Hinter "Created"

88. Abby Lee Tee "Efeu" (Ylwfrnd Remix)

87. Jammin' Unit "Gabba One"

86. Alloy "Rumpin'"

85. Lawrence Le Doux "Digital Butterfly"

84. Den Haas "Insomnia"

83. Rights Of Fall "Eden (Last Days)"

82. Foamek "Swing VIP"

81. Hydrangea "Osmosis V"

80. Metaboman "Huerde"

79. Harrison Morris "Steady Drip"

78. Belligerents "Crack99"

77. Kalli Ma "Checkmate" (Timothy 'Heretic' Clerkin Remix)

76. Sofia Saze "Silent"

75. Cottam "Dreaming Of Another Place"

74. Entek "Hrs Remix" (feat. Alxndr London)

73. Pal Simon "The Black Lunch"

72. LUCES "Revelation"

71. Adeline "Beyond You"

70. Fa Mao "Injabulo"

69. Arnaud Rebotini "Flowers For Algernon" (Billy Turner's Purple Iris Mix)

68. Pressure Point "Theme"

67. Beshken "Fruits"

66. Zoë Mc Pherson "iv. Komusar (moving)"

65. Markus Gibb "Dernier Souffle" (Malcolm Remix)

64. Nelson "Make Me Feel"

63. Piero Umiliani "Discomania" (Lele Sacchi re-edit)

62. Onipa "Open My Eyes"

61. Abayomi "Aleph"

60. Duktus & Marian Tone "Better Chill"

59. Lima x Syn "Thirteen"

58. Wheelman "Lost It"

57. Distant Echoes "Flight Mode"

56. Nate Husser "HollyHood"

55. Shlomi Aber "Trauma"

54. Deep’a & Biri "Avicenna" (XLR8R Edit)

53. Indian Wells "It's Where The World Ends" (Luke Abbott Alternative Mix)

52. Yuki Ame "Circles" (Feat. Zoe)

51. Laurence Pike "Life Hacks"