Sonja Moonear and Sepp to Play Cairo This Month

outs:de will take place on December 15 an island in the Nile.
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Later this month, Sonja Moonear will head to Cairo to play outs:de, a new event concept taking place on an island in the Nile.

The December 15 event will celebrate promoter Desimana's one-year anniversary in the city, with a special performance by Moonear, with Zeina, Jorg, Aroussi, and Hassan Abou Alam on support duties. Later that night, a boat will pick up party goers to cruise the Nile for an after party headed up by none other than Romanian artist Sepp, with Ahmed Samy and Mazen warming up.

You can find more info on the event below.

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outs:de w/ sonja moonear + sepp + more

The island - Cairo, Egypt

December 15 @ 1:00 pm