10 Years of Shitkatapult's Finest Moments

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The release of Smashits, an 11-song compilation featuring the likes of Fenin, T. Raumschmiere (a.k.a. Marco Haas), and Deichkind, marks Berlin label Shitkatapult’s 10th anniversary of knocking out abstract-techno bangers and knocking down beer bottles galore. Over the last decade, Haas’ label has wowed us with hard-schaffelin’ floor-wobblers and minimal gems alike, but behind the steady output of tracks from Apparat, Håkan Lidbo, and others are countless tales of glory and debauchery, most of which “are not suitable for any public audience,” Haas says laughing. Below he and partner Daniel Meteo run down 10 of Shitkatapult’s finer moments.

1. Touring the U.S. with Telefon Tel Aviv and Dabrye in 2002.
We did some interviews for some radio stations, and obviously you are not allowed to say “shit” on the radio, so telling listeners which label I represented was hard. T. Raumschmiere

2. Recording Nanospeed’s Kopernikus.
I had just moved to Berlin in 1998, and my friend Roland Fiege (a.k.a. Nanospeed) came to visit. My apartment/studio was in a rather fucked-up building, and it was so freezing cold we had to wear gloves and hats while producing. You could see your own breath. That’s maybe not a funny story, but a cold one. T. Raumschmiere

3. Shitparade 2003.
Our festival, featuring Dabrye, Pole, Miss Kittin, T. Raumschmiere, Apparat, Bus, Monkeytribe, and A.M.O. Daniel Meteo

4. Drunken artists.
I was waiting to bring an artist to a Shitkatapult label showcase at a festival several years ago. His phone was turned off and he missed at least three trains. When he arrived, he had 25 small bottles of EasyJet whiskey with him but said that he already drank most of them. Right before his set, he took 23 minutes to find his sunglasses, and then broke his guitar in half “by accident” within two minutes of starting. Although it was a bad day, I was proud: How badly can you misbehave as a small artist on a big lineup? Daniel Meteo

5. Being announced as “T. Rammstein” in Atlanta. T. Raumschmiere

6. The Shitkatapult label night in London.
I asked my friend Alex Paterson (of The Orb) to play an ambient set to open this night. He agreed, although it was very little money–and he did great. Then Gwem and a friend played an unbelievable trash-rock show on toy plastic drums. The Mute team was there (for Marco), and could not believe it either. Alex was pretty angry (sorry for that, mate!). I was smiling, but nobody else was until I saw Marco and Sascha Ring [a .k.a. Apparat]. Daniel Meteo

7. T. Raumschmiere’s last-ever solo techno show.
It was the same night as Gwem, if I remember it right. No explanation needed–it was a killer! Daniel Meteo

8. The success of the release of the last Apparat album. T. Raumschmiere

9. My meeting with the Mayor of Berlin, Klaus Wowereit.
Which got cancelled at the last minute, and over nonsense business. Daniel Meteo

10. Going to Sao Paulo with Apparat and band.
Plus my time tour-managing, DJing, and booking all my friends and artists. Daniel Meteo