Casual Fridays: Flowered Up!

Our resident stylist Andrew Porter waxes casual on men's and women's must-haves.

YMC Slub Shirt
I love striped shirts, but the rest of the world does not. People associate the basic striped tee with sailors, small children, Pablo Picasso, and "jailbirds." Apparently, it's not cool to share similar shirting with your five-year-old cousin. I've got the memo several times, but I'm going to keep being me. Take that, ex-girlfriends! For my fellow lovers of stripes, I present you with the YMC Slub shirt—the thinking man's striped shirt. It says, "Hey, I dig stripes like a kindergartener, but I also feel this Bridget Riley op-art-ish vibe you see happening around mid-torso." Maybe that's a stretch. Regardless, great take on a classic.

Fragment x Nike Air Zoom All Court
I've always been a big fan of the Nike All Court. I have a couple pairs of the old white canvas ones, both of which are falling apart due to age. Nike has re-released these in a bunch of colorways at this point, but this is the first pair that I have been excited to see. The monochromatic hot lime uppers look spot-on. More subtle than a tennis-ball yellow, but still bold enough to stand out. Not only are these a great look for spring, but with Air Zoom technology they will improve your performance on the court as well… be it the squash court or the food court. Total bonus in my opinion. Big shout out to Hiroshi Fujiwara over at Fragment for these ones.

Gregory Day Garden Tapestry Pack
California-based Gregory has been making backpacks for almost three decades now. The vintage day packs are amazing if you are willing to spend the time scouring eBay for them. If not, the Japanese Lifestyle Collection offers a Gregory Classics Series—packs that follow the "concept and attention to detail that Wayne Gregory established in California almost 30 years ago." This Day Garden Tapestry Pack is a real standout for me. Floral prints are where it's at, and this piece certainly delivers one fresh bouquet. Very 1992-Manchester-rave-on, if you ask me. On that note, stay flowered up, all you weekenders. Happy Friday!