Press Play: Brian Eno, Actress, Machinedrum, Blawan, and More

Press Play is kicking back into gear for 2013, and is doing so with quite an offering for all those who are interested. Just to give you an idea of what exactly the streaming audio and video is in the players located after the jump, we've got remixes from the likes of Machinedrum and Blawan, fresh original tracks by Actress and Thom Yorke's Atoms for Peace, Urulu's and Dinamo Azari's DJ mixes, and a whole lot more artists such as Brian Eno, Dro Carey, and XLR8R's own Glenn Jackson. We think you'll enjoy mostly all of it.

After releasing his sublime Lux album last year, legendary artist Brian Eno hosted a public audio-visual project called "Day of Light," and is now sharing a small portion of the 6,000-plus submissions in this video for our viewing pleasure.

Experimental techno patron Actress unveils this visual accompaniment to his new "Voodoo Posse Chronic Illusion" track from the forthcoming Silver Cloud 12".

After Barker & Baumecker released its outstanding Transsektoral LP last year (and subsequently nabbed the sixth spot in our list of the 40 best releases of 2012), the Berlin duo shares previews of its forthcoming remix EP, featuring Machinedrum, Blawan, and others.

Unless you've been living under a rock, you've likely heard of the forthcoming new album from the Thom Yorke-helmed supergroup Atoms for Peace, Amok. It's first single, "Judge Jury and Executioner" appeared as a video this week before its official release as part of Atoms for Peace's debut LP on February 26.

Dummy's 149th podcast arrives from Australian beatmaker Dro Carey, and is chock full of his own unreleased, original productions.

XLR8R scribe Glenn Jackson will unveil his Morning Swim EP via Ceremony on February 5, and teases its three-tracks with the warm and welcoming house vibes of "Save."

Courtesy of i-D, up-and-coming LA house artist Urulu shares a fresh, 47-minute DJ set largely comprising his "salacious musical influences."

The first release to appear from Fabric's new imprint, Houndstooth, will be Call Super's The Present Tense EP, the "trippy and experimental" sounds of which we can preview today.

Check out the latest DJ set to arrive from Dinamo Azari of Azari & III, the hour-long Orion Mix.

Here's a fuzzy and colorful clip for the moodily beat-driven "Parasite" tune by new Push & Run signee Parisian.

Glaswegian beatmaker Soosh has announced that his debut LP, Colour is Breathe, will arrive on February 25 via Error Broadcast, and is streaming a woozy bonus track from the digital version of the album to introduce its sounds.