High Five: Lapalux

Following the recent release of his debut full-length, Nostalchic, Lapalux has once again found himself in the spotlight. The UK producer and Brainfeeder affiliate has always been a bit schizophrenic in his musical vision, and while that varied sonic palette is undoubtedly key to the potency of his tunes, it's also left us curious about exactly what makes Lapalux tick. In search of some insight, we asked him to choose some of his favorite YouTube clips for the latest installment of our High Five series. Without question, his selections—which he claims follow a theme of "deep thought, meditative, and inspiring art"—are interesting and intriguing, but it's also possible that they've left us with even more questions about Lapalux and his craft.

DJ Rashad "Rollin'"

I've been to see Rashad and Spinn a few times now and they never disappoint, either live or in their productions. The new Rollin' EP by Rashad has been on repeat since it came out. I especially love how this track blends that soulful sample with that harsh, off-kilter footwork beat. Really something special here.

William Basinski "d|p 1.1"

This is a true piece of beauty. I listen to this track a hell of a lot. I stick it on and go for walks and everything disappears after you let that tape loop take over. There's a lot of sadness in this track, and I use it to meditate and really think about things. The video is pretty amazing too. It was shot during the last hour of daylight on September 11, 2001 after the Twin Towers dropped.

Farben "As Long As There's Love Around"

This is another one of those deep-brewing and skittering, thought-provoking jams. I've really gotten into these swelling, ambient-type housey vibes recently. It's really nice to go out on bike rides at night with this track, especially when there's no one about and the city sleeps. It's the sort of track that for me is a very visual, hypnotic experience, and I try to incorporate a similar sort of mood and setting in my own work.

Dorine Muraille "La Supplice de la Baignoire"

This album really got me thinking about music in a completely different way when I bought it back in 2003. It's one of the most inspiring and thought-provoking pieces of art for me. The sheer amount of layers and sounds that he manages to cram into each track is something I myself have used in some of my more maximalist tracks.

Knxwledge "life[nvrhrdofthm][TWRK]."

Knxwledge is my dude. You could give him anything and he'd flip the shit out of it into an absolute masterpiece. He's insanely prolific too. It seems like he has a new tape out every week. Check out his Bandcamp to cop his tapes. There's a flip of "Suck My Dick" by Lil Kim there that you need to go check.

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