Artist to Watch: Black Cracker

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Who:Black Cracker
Location: New York, NY

With a resume as crazy as her spacey, electro-flavored beats, NYC’s Black Cracker is not your average hip-hop producer. The one-time army brat, art-school dropout, and published poet cut her teeth with sisterly avant-pop duo CocoRosie, for whom she produced tracks, DJed, and even provided a little beatboxing. Self-taught and operating out of a grimy basement studio, these days she’s assembling beats for Bunny Rabbit and the Cult of Miracles (with MC Bunny Rabbit), Single White Female (with MC K~Swift), and Light Asylum (with Shannon Funchess of !!!).

Listen: Rahhh - Bunny Rabbit and the Cult of Miracles

Watch: Homemade Music Video by Cracker and Bunny: