Artist to Watch: CFCF

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Where: Montreal, Canada

Somewhere between the Balearic, slo-mo stylings of Meanderthals and the synthetic gloss of Jan Hammer sits CFCF (a.k.a. Michael Silver). The celebrated DJ and remixer's first full-length, Continent, explores many different electronic terrains with skill and aplomb, with everything from a disco version of Fleetwood Mac's "Big Love" to a track that samples Double Fantasy's "Children of the Universe" to a song that would fit right in with Hammer's work on Miami Vice. With the new record as well as a host of remixes for Sally Shapiro, The Presets, and Crystal Castles behind him, CFCF seems prepared to become one of the new stars of the cosmic disco-pop bacchanal that luckily shows no signs of ceasing.

Listen: "Monolith"

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Listen: "Big Love" (Fleetwood Mac cover)

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Watch: "Crystal Mines"