Artist to Watch: Javelin

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Where: Brooklyn, NY

Perhaps the fact that Tom van Buskirk and George Langford of Javelin are cousins explains the weirdly organic sounds that they gather from disparate elements, or maybe it is their 20-plus boombox live set-up, but either way, the duo inhabits a lovely sonic space between the beaches of the Balearic Isles, the streets of Brooklyn, and the dusty paths outside of Lagos. Like a less death-obsessed, sunshine-y version of Alan Bishop's Sublime Frequencies projects, van Buskirk and Langford know how to make esoterica fun and danceable. Upcoming releases include a second limited-edition 12" on Thrill Jockey and a debut full-length on Luaka Bop sometime next year.

Listen: "TWYCE" (from the Javelin 12" on Thrill Jockey)

Watch: "Soda Popinski"

Watch: "Education"