Artist to Watch: Neon Indian

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Who: Neon Indian
Where: Austin, Texas

Strange and interesting things are at work in the mind of young Texan producer Alan Palomo. With his latest musical guise Neon Indian, Palomo has transformed his love for sweet-toothed synth hooks and straightforward dance beats into a burnout's wet dream—comforting and warped pop tunes packaged with hazy nostalgia and lackadaisical vocal melodies. Palomo also operates under another alter ego, the robust and clear-headed VEGA, delivering disco-house with a treasure trove of club-ready sounds. His work as Neon Indian is more personal, as heard through the psychedelic electro of debut long-player Psychic Chasms, a more apt soundtrack for the nonsensical conversations of late night afterparties that continue well into the quiet, reflective mornings after.

Listen: "Terminally Chill"

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