Best Artists of 2007

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LCD Soundsystem
2007 will go down as a very good year for LCD with the outstanding Nike album, the extremely well-received Sound of Silver, a pretty fucking tight live show, and “Someone Great,” which is a future classic. Not only that but they’re seriously down with the kids. How do they do that? Inspirational.
Duncan Stump, Tiny Sticks

James, I salute you. You are a mad perfectionist and it comes through live and on record. “I wish that we could talk about it.”
Gabriel Jaffe, Puma

More focused than its predecessor and a damn-near-perfect fusion of dance and rock, Sound of Silver was the record I played more than anything else in 2007. The emotive, thumping, one-two punch of “Someone Great” and “All My Friends” is my favorite stretch, but the whole thing’s brilliant.
Joe Colly, XLR8R writer

This guy’s a maniac and serious multi-tasker, but above all, he is obviously super-smart. What other release this year, hip-hop or otherwise, is as remotely rambunctious or original as I’ll Sleep When You’re Dead?
David Ma, XLR8R writer

Truth is a powerful thing, which is why so many artists and politicians avoid it. But El-P packed so much of it into I’ll Sleep When You’re Dead, with the help of so many all-stars, that only those who still want to wave their hands in they air like the just don’t care missed it.
Scott Thill, XLR8R writer

R. Kelly
He killed it in 2007 by being the only R&B singer invited to kick cameo verses on every major rap remix alongside a bunch of rappers (“Make It Rain” being the most memorable). On the remix to “Same Girl,” he manages to out-AutoTune T-Pain, kick a little freestyle, and then ask the audience to snap their fingers Michael Jackson-style, while imitating MJ’s signature voice. And he still had the time to come up with a dozen crazy new Trapped in the Closet episodes this year. If anybody was still questioning the fact that R. Kelly’s a genius, 2007 made it totally clear once and for all.
Teki Latex, TTC/Institubes

Stefan Goldmann
Do I want to make sweet love or do I want to stab someone in the face repeatedly? Either way, Stefan’s tracks are the perfect soundtrack to my more “expressive” moments.
JPLS, Minus

Boys Noize
We play probably 15 of his tracks every night. That German guy could have been an Ed Banger artist. Respect!
Pedro “Busy P” Winter, Ed Banger

Lil’ Wayne
He came and ripped rap apart. His artistry and output grew this year like an angry Bruce Banner. You can’t turn a radio on in the South without hearing a Wayne track. And his impact on the mixtape scene was phenomenal; I especially loved the Drought series and DJ Benzi’s mixtape.
Oliver Mak, Bodega

Has he lost his mind? To quote: “Swimming laps around a bottle of Louis the 13th/Jumping off of a mountain into a sea of codeine.” This dude seems like he’s in a downward spiral into infinite genius.
Curses, Institubes

I have been intrigued, perplexed, excited, and scared by everything the boy has done this year. And he dances like Bryan Ferry.
Shaun Roberts, Fabric

He is really talented and made some of the deepest tunes this year.
Dirt Crew

Ghostland Observatory
Ghostland’s music is pretty much an amalgamation of all my favorite genres, past and present, rolled into one. That’s what’s up.
Dust La Rock, graphic designer

Just when everyone thought that the best thing this year was gonna come from France, these Germans surprised a bunch of people by pulling off a great album, with the new songs being as good as all the killer singles they had released so far.
Bruno Natal, XLR8R writer

Worst Artists of 2007

Kanye West
The tired ramblings of an inept trend chaser. What’s next, a collaboration with Iggy Pop and walking the runway for Jeremy Scott?
Cameron Cook, XLR8R writer

Kanye’s megalomania finally became unbearable this year. Even his publicist’s a dick. And after drunkenly dismissing Justice and Simian Mobile Disco at the European VMAs, he co-opted Daft Punk for his lead single. Don’t front like you appreciate French house, dude.
Joe Colly, XLR8R writer

Panic At the Disco
They’re the worst and I love their music so much. That’s why they’re the worst; it’s a guilty pleasure.
Dorian Dumont, The Teenagers

Dan Deacon
That guy’s a penis party.
Stephen Christian, Warp

He gives me the creeps. Plus, I think he’s, like, 55. And has a zillion kids, Shawn Kemp-style.
Marah Eakin, Touch and Go

Amy Winehouse
It’s tragic when your serial rehab visits, fugly tats, undead beehive ’do, and filthy ballerina slippers sing louder than your golden voice.
Cameron Macdonald, XLR8R writer

As electronic musicians I have always joked that we should all just use iPods when we play live. I had no idea people actually did this on a mass scale. I saw Juiceboxxx with Bonde Do Role and all he had was a iPod nano plus a microphone. The first 15 minutes was the best thing I’ve seen all year, however the last 15 minutes was probably the worst I’ve seen all year.
Mochipet, Daly City Records

Vampire Weekend
Dude, I just really don’t get this band. I’m sure there’s worse out there, but when I hear it I think of people playing Paul Simon covers at your local college pub’s open-mic night.
Celeste Tabora, Modular

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