Best Live Events of 2007

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77 Boadrum, Brooklyn, NYC
Japan’s psych-noise vets, The Boredoms led a 77-drummer army in a Brooklyn park and performed one of the decade’s most mesmerizing and blissful concerts. A fine antidote for jaded times when music is viewed as a cheap entertainment option.
Cameron Macdonald, XLR8R writer

Missing the The Boredoms’ 77 drummers thang in NYC was my biggest musical regret of this year.
Cameron Bird, Architecture in Helsinki

Daft Punk Live
It’s hard to top the kings of 2007, even when they didn’t release any music.
Sam Valenti IV, Ghostly

Daft Punk live is like watching a Lite Brite mate with a Speak & Spell, with R2D2 calling all the shots. It was even better with the neon lights of Coney Island’s Astroland in the background.
Leslie Hermelin, Mute

An unproven internet rumor suggested that Guy-Manuel de Homem-Christo and Thomas Bangalter didn’t even turn up to their own shows, that their infamous robot masks concealed friends they were sending along in their place (to press play on a CD) instead. Regardless, their 2007 live shows (seen by this writer at Harewood House, Leeds) were close to life-changing. Fantastic.
David Hemingway, XLR8R writer

Elevate Festival, Graz, Austria
This night is thrown in a four-level cave that goes deep into the pit of the earth via a glass elevator shaft. Each level had a couple different rooms with acts from Ed Banger to Ipecac. Number one crazy town!
Curses, Institubes

Paris Paris Club, Paris, France
The Boombox Kitsuné party at Paris Paris was the best because so many girls came to our table to give us bottles of champagne. I kissed maybe 15 girls, and when I left the club I saw Cory Kennedy so fucked up and Cobrasnake and Jeremy Scott were carrying her.
Bastien Lattanzio, photographer

Bar 25, Berlin, Germany
If you can imagine being in a carnival that’s snowing thousands of kilos of confetti while Marie Antoinette is twirling about to ketamine disco for three days, you’ll have a vague idea of how completely amazing their fourth birthday party in August was. Legendary.
Brian “C.L.A.W.S.” Hock, Tigerbeat6

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