Best of 2007 by Mochipet

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Daly City Records boss David Wang waxes poetic on Dan Deacon, Serato, and Burning Man fashions.

Best Artist
Cornelius. I have loved Cornelius forever, and I feel it's about time I gave Keigo some props. His new stuff is tamer than I like, but still good. But come on, Keigo, get crazy already. The crazy stuff is the best!

Worst Artist
Juiceboxxx. I saw Juiceboxxx with Bonde Do Role and all he had was an iPod nano plus a microphone. The first 15 minutes were the best thing I've seen all year. However, the last 15 minutes were probably the worst I've seen all year.

Best Album
Dan Deacon’s Spiderman of the Rings. I don't know what's up with Baltimore. [It keeps] coming out with the crazy stuff, and I love it. But everyone I meet from Baltimore says it sucks. Are they keeping a secret from me? Maybe I should move Daly City Records to Baltimore.

Worst Album
Bitter:Sweet’s The Remix Game.

Best Single/12"
Hexstatic’s Red Laser Beam. I can't help i: anything with robots and lazers, I'm in. So it's no wonder I love this single by Ninja Tune's old-school electro duo.

Best Record Label
Harsh Noise. The Bay Area noise artists have been making some really good stuff for a while now, and I feel no one is really appreciating it. Time we give them some props, yo!

Best Live Event/Festival
Glade Festival.

Best City and/or Scene
The Daly City Filipino breakfast parties. If you've ever had Filipino breakfast, you know what I'm talking about.

Best DJ
Torq and Serato. Who needs DJs when you can have computers to do it? Does this mean I'm out of a job?

Best Music Trend
Dubstep. I love Dubstep!

Worst Music Trend
Dubstep. Dubstep is over!

What will be big in 2008?
China is going to spend $666,000 on GPS to spy on panda sex! I think this could be a major cultural movement.

Biggest/best music-related beef of 2007
Kanye vs. 50 Cent. C’mon people, they are both on Columbia Records. Can you say, “scammed by some record executive?” This beef was just hype to sell records. Who wins in the end? The corporation with your money.

Best Music Hardware
Drivers license as MIDI Controller

Best Music Software
Ableton Live. I had my doubts about it, but Ableton has really made Live work as sequencing and performance software. It's very customizable and easy to use.

Electronic Gadget You Can’t Live Without
My girlfriends hate it, but I have to say my Blackberry.

Best Visual Artist
Suryummy, Josh Churchill, KG.

Best Shoe
Roller Shoes. I know these things came out in 2000, but I still love them. I can cruise around the hood just by poppin’ my heels.

Best Clothing Label
KittinHawk. I hate ties, but this girl makes amazing ones that I would wear, and have. All hand-made and sexy-beautiful.

Best Style Trend
Ko akuma Ageha (Little Devil). I love anything from Japan!

Worst Style Trend
Anything Burning Man. I'm not sure exactly when Burning Man became so homogenized that it is now called "attire," but I can't go anywhere in San Francisco now without catching some trace of this fuzzy, feather-leather, tribal, hippie wear. C’mon people, alternative culture means you do not all dress alike. Am I completely lost here? Oh screw it, I'm gonna go get a Utility Kilt.

Best Media Item
Girls Crushing Cars. You have to see it to believe it! That's right, girls crushing cars. I have no idea why this is popular, but I love it.

Best Videogame
Super Puzzle Fighter (PS3, Xbox Live) and Tetris vs. Street Fighter. What a combo! The same guys are doing Super Street Fighter HD and Commando. Can you say elementary school, baby?!

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