Best Of 2008: CTRL

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Freeman, of free-thinking Finnish clothing brand CTRL, on hipsters, high heels, and Henrik Vibskov.

Who was the best music artist of 2008?

I thought about this really hard and didn't get anywhere, so I have to namedrop and say handsome boy Mark Ronson, as an internet radio DJ and the best self-promoter (he’s on every Friday night). And maybe the new Walkmen album, You & Me.

Who was the worst music artist of 2008?

Worst? Hey I'm not a hater, but I gotta say that actually the best artist of 2008 is Reverend Al Green. His new album, Lay It Down, sounds like a classic 1970's Al Green. And the new Wolf Parade is just awesome.

What was the best style trend of 2008?

High-heels. As always, this one's a classic. I mean, if you're a girl you should always wear high-heels. Always. Never sneakers.

What was the worst style trend of 2008?

Hipster. Who knows what it is, but it seems that it's an urban guy thing and it looks like most of these dudes have serious symptoms of PMS, fatigue, irritability, anger, depression, and breast tenderness.

What was the best clothing label of 2008?

Henrik Vibskov. He's a danish Renaissance man... Yeah, he's cool.

What will be big in 2009?

Love and happiness. So be it.

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