Best of 2008: Drop the Lime

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Best Artist of 2008: MGMT
This band brought out a beautifully fresh and nostalgic sound that painted mystery and lust.

Best Album of 2008: Metronomy Nights Out
Metronomy put together an amazing album this year. Nights Out had the perfect collage of pop and experimental dance music–wonky, wiggly, catchy melodies and pretty soundscapes.

Best Record Label of 2008: Greco Roman
This label's whole vibe is fantastic, from their artists being illustrated into comic book characters in fighting arenas to the diverse collection of genres. This label is doing something new for underground music.

Best Live Event of 2008: Shambhala Festival, Kootenay Mountains, Canada
This festival is way deep in the woods middle of nowhere Canada. Ravers camp out for five days and party in treehouses nd fractal forests. The experience is majestically unreal, yet frightening at the same time with all those naked ravers running around come the last night.

Best Scene of 2008: The Tabac Crew parties in Tel Aviv
These kids are on some next-level bass with their soundsystems and party vibes. They manage to blend dubstep, bassline, and electro all in one night and keep the energy strong.

Best DJ of 2008: Boys Noize
His set at Coachella 2008 was one of the best DJ sets I’ve seen in years. Tricks, flips, slaps, drops, smacks –party was there and he was bonkering it up on that stage.

Best Music Trend of 2008: Kuduru
Cats like Buraka som Sistema are killing it at the moment. The amount of original attitude and energy coming out of this style of dance music is heavy. You can't not shake to the percussive rhythm.

Worst Music Trend of 2008: The obsession with bass
Don't get me wrong, I love bass, but let’s let the sucker breathe before we drain it from all its juice and it becomes a skinny little emaciated Chihuahua.

Best Music Hardware of 2008: Pioneer DJM-800 mixer
Gimme those cheeseball filters and roll delays for days.

Best Music Software of 2008: Logic Pro 8
The new layout on this software is incredible. Being able to stack all your windows into tabs and sequence/automate your tracks without any pop-up windows is brilliant and saves so much time when producing.

Best Shoe of 2008: SWEAR London
I am addicted to the Dean model. You can poke someone’s eyes out with those tips.

Best Book of 2008: The Road by Cormack McCarthy
This is an epic and beautiful tale of father and son traveling through the earth that’s been burned to dust to find shelter and safety.

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