Best of 2008: Evidence

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Dilated Peoples’ main MC, Evidence, big ups Lil’ Wayne, Atmosphere, and Reason 4.

What was the best album of 2008?

Lil’ Wayne, Tha Carter III. Hate it, love it, hate it, love it again. When that happens, you really got something special. From the underground on up, you loved this record.

Who was the best artist of 2008?

Atmosphere. You can't knock his hustle. Go jump in their world. Impressive. We [Dilated Peoples] did Soundset 08 [in Minneapolis]. I watched 15,000 people singing all the words singing the words to their songs. On the net, Crooked I did his thing in ’08 for sure. Doing a freestyle every week like clockwork isn't easy.

Who was the worst artist of 2008?

Dr. Dre. I need new inspiration! Please drop the next classic! He inspires 99.9% of the rap game, period.

What was the best music-making technology in 2008?

Reason 3 or 4. The sounds that are coming outta that program are really powerful. Don't get me wrong, I still love my ASR-10 and MPC 2000xl… However, the future is the future.

What was the best style trend of 2008?

Not having to rap about guns and cars to be accepted; lyricism really getting shine. A lot new talent springing up also sprung up on the West Coast which, of course you know, I rep to the fullest.

What was the worst music trend of 2008?

The "celeb" DJ trend. It's nice to see a dope actor at a party, but not behind the decks! It’s like, “Holy shit, is that Leo Dicaprio playing ‘I Get Money?’”

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