Best of 2008: Fucked Up

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Damian Abraham, lead singer of Toronto’s finest hardcore punk outfit, Fucked Up, celebrates Nodzzz, No Age, and his dad’s cross-hatching talents.

Who was the best artist of 2008?

No Age. We played a show with them and they covered the Urinals, GG Allin, and The Misfists. Afterwards we hung out and talked about Chopping Block (West Coast proto-power violence gods). It is rare to meet a band that are good people, have great taste, and are doing something exciting.

Who was the worst artist of 2008?

Tegan And Sara. I don't get it. I used to think I did, but now I realize I was lying to myself.

What was the best album of 2008?

Nodzzz S/T (What's Your Rupture?). This is the album Pavement would have made if they were formed in the U.K. in 1982 instead of 1989 in California. (Actually, the Nodzzz are from California circa now.)

What was the worst album of 2008?

Metallica, Death Magnetic (Warner Brothers). When will the bleeding stop? The only thing worse then Metallica trying to reinvent their sound is Metallica trying to recapture it. It is like a not very good Metallica cover band trying to write originals.

What was the best music trend of 2008?

Hardcore kids taking over indie rock. It is well established that many an indie rock icon has some hardcore skeletons in their closet but this is the year when we took over that shit. No Age, Sex Vid, Vivain Girls, Pissed Jeans, etcetera. I even saw the singer of Les Savy Fav rocking an o.g. Gorilla Biscuits shirt. This is our time.

What was the worst music trend of 2008?

Heartfelt Bruce Springsteen punk. I'll admit that Nebraska was a good record but do we really need a whole genre worth of bands berating us with that?

Who is the best visual artist of 2008?

My dad Graham Abraham. My dad did a ton of art in the ’60s and ’70s for bands and posters but stopped until this year when he had his first gallery show. He is to cross-hatching what Drew Friedman is to stippling.

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