Best of 2008: Matt Furie

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San Francisco’s witty surrealist Matt Furie jocks praying mantises and Ray-Bans.

What was the best album of 2008?

John Maus Love Is Real. Keeps my mind stuck in a twisted joke with a great soundtrack. Its funny and kinda gothic at the same time.

Who was the best visual artist of 2008?

Shary Boyle. She draws things like a colorful witch French kissing a boy while riding on the back of a horse made of a cloud that is flowing out of a crying girl that is laying in a giant mysterious green hand with sharp nails and pink and blue veins. Holy shit.

Who was the worst style trend of 2008?

Everybody in the world is wearing Ray-Bans, including me. It's the worst.

What was the best media item of 2008?

Wholphin Vol. 6 DVD magazine. There is a part on this disk where you can watch in incredibly vivid detail a praying mantis eat the eyeballs, head, and entire body of a fly. It's awesome.

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