Best of 2008: Mochipet

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San Francisco’s electronic iconoclast Mochipet on Daedelus, Snoop Dogg, and starting his own boy band.

Who was the best artist of 2008?

Jantsen from Boulder, Colorado. This kid makes some serious bass beats–slowed down, sped up. Check out out his unofficial Boyz Noise remix with Sleepyhead. It gives me hope that electronic music has a future in the U.S.

Who was the worst artist of 2008?

Mochipet. I hate that guy. No, I don't know. I try not to listen to artists I don't like. I mean, what's the point?

What was the best album of 2008?

Daedelus Love To Make Music To (Ninja Tune). I am really excited for Alfred. I've known him and his music for a long time and I really I feel he has come into his own as a musician and an artist."

What was your favorite 12" single of 2008?

Snoop Dogg “Sensual Seduction” (Geffen). How can you not love Snoop Dogg and Shawty Redd? The video is out of this world. I usually hate retro, but Snoop Dogg knows how to do it well–with talk boxes and a properly produced song. Even if he doesn't play the bass guitar, he wears it well. And he has a name like a pet. I like pets.

What was the best music trend of 2008?

I don't know if it's a trend but I really like the slowed-down electronic beats Rustie, Glitchmob, and XLR8R’s own Lazersword are doing. You can stick so much more into the rhythm when the up and down beats are that far apart. I would like to see the second incarnation of dubstep as well, when we move away from the standard drum ‘n’ bass formulas and add different sounds and rhythms.

What was the worst music trend of 2008?

The bizzilionth coming of boy bands. Can we say Jonas Brothers? I mean, these virgins get more girls then R. Kelly. Wait, I changed my mind, can this be the best musical trend instead? I'm starting a Mochi boy band. Anyone interested please email Daly City Records with their fifth grade report cards and parents' permission.

What is your favorite label of 2008?

Matador Records. I think Cat Power really put them in a good place financially so they are starting to put out more experimental stuff again that can also ride in the mainstream. I think accessible and experimental is really important if we are to expand people's musical vocabularies. To me, diversity is the most important thing, just like in nature.

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