Best of 2008: Stimming


Diynamic’s minimal house mastermind, Stimming, sounds off on the state of electronic music and his real feelings about jumpstyle.

Who was the best artist of 2008?

Butch. I heard of him only a few months ago, but he developed his style so well–it’s light and funky but still very techno. Really good!

What was the worst music trend of 2008?

Jumpstyle. Mixing hardcore with really cheesy childish melodies isn’t my cup of tea.

What was the best label of 2008?

I’m not allowed to mention Diynamic here, so I have to choose another one. I like what Cadenza released this year–maybe it’s not the very best in ’08 but it’s all quality. “Albertino” from Guido Schneider had some very impressive moments. In general, as I’m not a DJ and only playing my own stuff live, I wouldn’t say that I’m an expert regarding the scene.

What was the best 12" single of 2008?

Studio Apartment “I’m In Love (Rasmus Faber Epic mix instrumental).” I loved this track the most when hearing it in the club. When I first heard it I saw flowers coming out of the speakers–it was in the middle of a dark techno set from some DJ and suddenly those emotions hit me hard! Maybe I wasn’t sober, but the track has had its place in my mind from then on. Soundwise, it’s mixed very hard and the groove is kinda old-school but what Rasmus did with the strings is impressive!

What will be big in 2009?
I hope that we musicians learn our equipment better and start to really use the million possibilities when working with a computer in a more personal and unique way. I hope that the electronic music scene starts to lose its sameness and we can identify the different artists more and more. But, to answer your question directly: Butch is gonna be big next year...

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