Best of 2008: Worship Worthy

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Jennifer Wannarachue of the style blog and clothing brand Worship Worthy talks cut-offs and snap caps.

What was the best style trend of 2008?

Denim cut-offs worn with tights, cardigans, platform booties, and oversized beanies. I'm still rocking that look this winter. Oh, and Frogskins.

What was the worst style trend of 2008?

Oh, man, I might get hunted down for this one, but I think the whole "flouro pixel tech" look was only good for a few months, therefore it tops my list of worst style trend of '08. Let's pray the rest of middle America doesn't catch onto it.

What was the best clothing label of 2008?

I would have to say the best clothing label of the year is the man who took my fave look of "casually awesome" to another level, Mister Alexander Wang.

Who was the best visual artist of 2008?

Neckface. Some people don't get his work, but I absolutely love it. I aspire to be as intricately deranged, strange, and twisted.

What will be big in 2009?

WW†, the Worship Worthy brand, is going to be huge in '09, as well as baggy jeans on women, snap-back caps, zig-zags, black, Blake Lively, and Ws.

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