Best Singles of 2007

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Justice’s “D.A.N.C.E.” (Ed Banger)
If these Parisians’ 30-second moment on MTV convinced Yankee teens that there are better sounds beyond Nickelback and My Chemical Romance, God bless them for it.
Cameron Macdonald, XLR8R writer

Peter Bjorn & John “Young Folks” (Almost Gold)
Sure, I’m sick of this song, too. But don’t pretend you didn’t love it before it was on TV commercials, everyone’s mixtapes, and every other blog on the interweb. Great beat, plus Victoria Bergsman’s sweet voice and happy whistling? This song is like the indie “Hey Ya!”
David Ma, XLR8R writer

Dude N Nem “Watch My Feet” (TVT)
The emerging juke sound has quite a few bangers bubbling up around Chicago, but this one is a true piece of pop genius. It’s got the classic half-time/double-time, hip-hop/ghetto-house combination, and really fun party lyrics.
DJ C, Mashit

The Bug ft. Flowdan “Jah War” (Ninja Tune)
The Bug continues to pump out the toxic dancehall jams, and Flowdan is big on the mic!
El Carnicero, Slit Jockey

Gui Boratto “Beautiful Life” (Kompakt)
Even before the euphoric vocals kick in, people come up to ask what you are playing. The 12” of the year, such a happy, feel-good dance tune.
Peter Berard, Domino

Samim “Heater” (Get Physical)
It’s the best way to get Germans dancing to cumbia. A very original and fun song, and way more interesting than all that minimal techno out there.
DJ Ulysses, Scatalogics

Simian Mobile Disco “I Believe” (Wichita)
Incandescent. A moment of sincerity in a cynical and self-obsessed indie-dance scene.
Mosi Reeves, XLR8R writer

Durrty Goodz Axiom EP (Awkward)
Durrty is one of the most dynamic and talented rappers in the grime game, and some of the beats on this EP are stellar.
DJ C, Mashit

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