Best Style of 2007

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Puritan Chic
Some Berlin-loving Scandinavians are going for a seriously Puritan look nowadays. When they walk through Berlin’s Mitte district in couples they look like they are part of some orthodox movement, with the beards and 300 Euro Jesus sandals.
Sasha Perera, Jahcoozi

I love all those people dressing like pilgrims. It’s so good.
Charlie Salas-Humara, Panther

The ’90s
Finally everybody got hooked on it. Colorz, colorz, colorz! Wayfarers! Washed-out jeans! I’m a ’90s kid, so I like it.
Boys Noize

Neutral clothing with colors of this earth
Someone just told me they hate the color brown. How the fuck do you hate on the color brown? “My bad, I should have worn my hot-pink sweater and my acid washed ‘hint of yellow’ jeans to your barbecue. Damn!”
Prefuse 73, Warp

It’s not news that skinny jeans are back, but I’m talking about these next-level, skin-tight denim stockings that cut off a guy’s circulation at the knees and ankle and leave nothing at all to the imagination. I can’t decide if I love them or hate them.
Leslie Hermelin, Mute

The dick.
Jamie Stewart, Xiu Xiu

Back to Basics
More refined and understated fabric choices with innovative cuts are making a huge push. I’m hoping the full-on Teddy boy look of pre-punk Britain will hit full swing soon.
Oliver Mak, Bodega

Worst Style of 2007

New Rave
Kids riding the fluo/nu-rave bandwagon, turning what used to be a cool classic-futuristic style into a parody of itself, looking like clowns in glasses without lenses and stupid faux bling.
Teki Latex, TTC/Institubes

I just don’t see the point. Fluo was bad back in the day and it’s still bad today.
Ghislain Poirer, Ninja Tune

Skinny Jeans on Guys
Do we really need to see hipsters’ ass crack from behind and the disturbing site of their nuts crammed in the front like squashed grapes? Guys, you need some blood flow in there.
Enrique Soissa, Paper Bag

Glow Sticks
Get over it people, they sucked the first time around.
Brian “C.L.A.W.S.” Hock, Tigerbeat6

The “Jesse James” Look
You know, bandanna around the neck, with huge plugs and aviators.
Tim Saputo, XLR8R

All of a sudden they were everywhere. Who knew it would get worse than Birkenstocks?
Derek Morris, Trophy Graphics

Nike Vintage
Why did Nike get all Abercrombie on us and try to sell us pre-dogged-out shoes for $80?
Mike Davis, Burlesque Design

Why in the fuck is everyone still wearing those Palestinian scarves?
Cameron Bird, Architecture in Helsinki

Frilly and loose bohemian dresses on girls
Luckily for the overweight semi-chic girls of the world, they can now cover up their love handles and look fashionable. Unluckily for men, who knows what’s going on underneath those big baggy sheets of fabric?
The Captain, Trouble & Bass

The Super Jesus Look
A beard and dirt doesn’t make you God.
Gabriel Jaffe, Puma

New Era caps with the sticker left on.
Gordon Hull, Surface to Air

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