Best Visual Artists of 2007


Really loving what Gelitin is doing! They are definitely crossing boundaries and getting all jiggy with it. Their pee-pee-sicle thing was totally gross in the most raddest way and that giant bunny was filled with lots of love.
Sam & Tury, Friends With You

Because he’s even better when you get to know him. His sense of humor is reflected in his artwork. Very loose and clean.
Alvaro Ilizarbe, Freegums

Google his Montreal exhibition, Hooked, and see for yourself.
Teki Latex, TTC/Institubes

Pete Chung
He has designed for Supreme, Ubiq, Atmos, and has a new line coming out as an initiative to promote literacy called Book Club. He also raps, too. Maybe you have heard of him? Cool Calm Pete.
Ethan Holben, XLR8R

Cyprien Gaillard
It blows my mind that the rest of the art world hasn’t figured out this kid is bananas. Ripping films from the internet, smoking out landscapes, commenting on urban sprawl, gangs, human kinetic energy. Amazing.
Gordon Hull, Surface to Air

Kenya Hara
The man behind the branding and building of MUJI’s identity. Everyone interested in communication through graphic design should read his book, Designing Design.
Gamall Awad, Demon Days

Steven Harrington of National Forest
This guy makes me step up my design game probably more so than anyone else right now.
Mike Davis, Burlesque Design

Will Sweeney
He and Neck Face really haunted my eyes.
Pedro “Busy P” Winter, Ed Banger

Agnes Montgomery
The artwork on the recent batch of Panda Bear releases is amazing photo collages by Agnes Montgomery. It’s breathtaking work that recalls childhood innocence, the beauty of nature, and the mystical nature of humankind.
Lewis, Ninja Tune

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